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Medikoe may display certain third party content on the Website including advertisements and other information and content (Sponsor Content). Such Sponsor Content may be that belonging to third parties. This Sponsor Policy (the “Policy”) shall outline the content permitted by Medikoe along with the use of and access to the same by Users. The provisions of the Medikoe Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other policies implemented from time to time (Website Policies) are incorporated herein by way of specific reference and any capitalised term shall have the same meaning as attributed to it in the relevant Website Policy. By accessing, browsing or using the Website or the Services you hereby agree to abide by and be bound by this Policy. Medikoe shall be allowing third parties to submit, display, post and make public the Sponsor Content, anywhere on the Website, solely for informative purposes and Users may rely on the same at their sole option and risk. By allowing Sponsor Content, Medikoe intends to bring relevant and useful information to the Users. The Sponsor Content may include but not be limited to advertisements, marketing messages, promotions, news, articles, blogs, latest developments and trending stories. Sponsor Content may either be viewed directly on the Website or may be accessed by Users through a link present on the Website. Although Medikoe may screen the Sponsor Content to ensure compliance with the Website Policies, Medikoe shall not be under any obligation to do so. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as Medikoe’s support or endorsement of any of the ideas, opinions, views, stance or content of the Sponsor Content and neither shall Medikoe be liable in any manner for any of the Sponsor Content or for any loss or damage caused due to any Sponsor Content or due to any reliance placed on the same. Users may use and rely on the Sponsor Content at their sole option and risk. Certain Sponsor Content that may be accessed via links may redirect the User onto a third party website having a terms of use and privacy policy of its own and Users should read through and understand the same prior to taking any action. Under no circumstances shall Medikoe be liable for any loss or damage caused to any User accessing or viewing any Sponsor Content. Such third party websites may collect, use and store your information and Medikoe shall not be liable for the same. Medikoe may, at its discretion, label or mark Sponsor Content so as to clearly distinguish the same and make it identifiable to Users. However, Medikoe shall be under no obligation to do the same. The person or entity posting, publishing, displaying or making public the Sponsor Content shall be solely responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of the same. Such entities shall also ensure that the Sponsor Content is in compliance with the provisions of the Website Policies and is not in violation of the restrictions mentioned under the Website Terms of Use. Any person wishing to use the Sponsor Content in any manner shall ensure that they obtain all necessary rights, consent and licenses for the same from the owner/author/publisher of the same and Medikoe shall not be responsible for any infringement of any person’s rights including any Intellectual Property rights. Any person relying on the Sponsor Content is advised to consult with a professional in the relevant field prior to relying on the Sponsor Content. Medikoe reserves the right to modify or remove the whole or part of this Policy without any prior notice and the revised Policy shall become effective from the date it is made available online.