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Refund And Cancellation Policy



Not all Services offered by Medikoe are presently charged. However Medikoe may at its discretion and without any prior approval add or vary any and all charges for the use of the Website and the Services including the listing services and SOS Services. This Refund and Cancellation Policy (the “Policy”) shall outline how Medikoe shall or shall not provide refunds to any User.

Presently, Users may access the Website and register themselves without incurring any charges and only certain services including but not limited to the SOS Services are presently charged.

Medikoe reserves the right to introduce a nominal charge to Users in order to avail certain Services. Medikoe further reserves the right to vary the fees for any or all of the Services.

None of the fee paid by any User in order to avail any Service offered by Medikoe shall be refunded under any circumstances regardless of whether the User has used the Service or not. In such an event, the fee shall be considered to have been forfeited to Medikoe’s favour.

Any User cancelling the Services shall also not be entitled to any refunds regardless of how early the cancellation may have occurred.

However, Medikoe may, in certain circumstances and at its absolute discretion entertain certain requests for refunding fee paid by the User. The extent of such refunds shall be determined by Medikoe at its sole discretion. Users hereby accept and agree that any refund made by Medikoe shall be satisfactory and sufficient.

Medikoe may also refund fee paid by Users in the event that the Services could not be rendered either due to Medikoe’s fault or due to any Practitioner’s pr health care provider’s fault.

Any such above mentioned refunds made by Medikoe shall take a minimum of 30 days to reflect in the User’s bank account.

Medikoe may also, at its sole discretion, provide Users with a refund in the event that the Services could not be rendered due to any Force Majeure event. Such refunds shall be processed within 60 days from the occurrence of the Force Majeure event.

Since Medikoe is a platform allowing for persons to contact and interact with medical practitioners and health care providers and is not providing any health care services directly, Medikoe shall not be liable for any cancellations made either by any User seeking medical services or by any Practitioner or healthcare provider. The same shall be the responsibility of the User or Practitioner cancelling and Medikoe shall be under no obligation to refund any fees paid to it.

The provisions of the Terms of Use and other policies implemented by Medikoe from time to time are incorporated hereto by way of reference.

Medikoe reserves the right to change or remove the whole or any part of this Policy without any prior notice and the revised Policy shall become effective from the day it is first published online.

Users shall be required to comply with any and all tax and legal requirements pertaining to them concerning any payments or refunds and the same shall not be Medikoe’s responsibility.

Medikoe shall not be liable for any delays in refunding any amounts paid by the User.