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Content And Editorial Policy



This Content and Editorial Policy (the “Policy”) shall set out the terms and conditions that shall govern the information, material and content displayed anywhere on the Website (collectively referred to as the “Online Content”). This shall also include the information, material and content that is posted, published or made public anywhere on the Website by any third party.

Vesaan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Medikoe) shall display certain Online Content on the Website. All such Online Content shall be for informative purposes only and should not be relied on as medical advice neither is it intended as a substitute for medical advice, treatment or prescriptions and all Users are requested to rely on the Online Content only after consulting with a licensed medical practitioner.

Medikoe attempts to ensure that all of the Online Content is accurate, true and relevant however the same may not be always be possible and hence Users shall be relying on the Online Content at their sole option and risk. Most of the Online Content is related to a variety of medical and healthcare issues and are not addressing any person’s individual circumstances.

Certain Online Content shall be that posted, published or made public by Users (User Content) with the consent of Medikoe. All such content shall have to conform to the provisions laid down in the Terms of Use and any other policy implemented by Medikoe from time to time. In case any User Content is in violation of the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy or any other website policy, such content shall be removed from the Website without any prior notice.

The Online Content shall be sorted and displayed on the Website based on its relevance. The Online Content shall also include the latest developments and news in the field of medicine and healthcare including but not limited to general information relating to ailments, diets and social awareness. Certain Online Content shall be that created by third parties and Medikoe claims no ownership over the same. Only Users who have obtained prior written permission from Medikoe may post any User Content on the Website. All User Content posted by any person without the prior permission from Medikoe shall be removed without any notice.

Any person who posts any Online Content anywhere on the Website shall ensure that they have all necessary rights and titles over such Online Content and the same is not infringing upon or violating the rights of any third party. Such person shall also ensure that the Online Content is not violating the privacy or confidentiality of any person or entity and that the same is not falling under any of the restricted content as mentioned in the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy as well as any other policy implemented by Medikoe from time to time. Users hereby represent and warrant that all of the information, material or content posted, published or displayed anywhere on the Website by them is true, accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge and that the same is not violating the rights of any other person or entity.

Any User Content in violation of this Policy or any other policy implemented by Medikoe from time to time shall be removed from the Website shall be removed without any prior notice. Medikoe also reserves the right to remove any User Content for any or no reason.

Medikoe makes no claims over any Online Content created or generated by any third party. Such content shall be displayed only for informative purposes and shall not be used for any commercial purposes. Medikoe has licensed or shall attempt to license such content from the original authors. If the same is not possible for any reason Medikoe shall acknowledge the authors of all such Online Content created by third parties as and when possible and shall also display the source from which it has obtained the same along with the link to the source. However, due to the vast nature of the online world, Medikoe may not always be able to duly acknowledge the author or the source of the Online Content and Users hereby acknowledge the same. Users shall not use any of the Online Content in any manner unless with the express consent from Medikoe or from the author of such content as the case may be. Medikoe shall not be liable for the unauthorised use of any Online Content by any person.

In the event Medikoe has published, displayed or posted any Online Content on the Website which has not been duly acknowledged or wrongly acknowledged, then the author of such content may notify the same to Medikoe along with sufficient proof and Medikoe shall acknowledge such person to be the author of the Online Content. In the event that the author of the Online Content wishes for the content to be taken down or removed, he/she may notify the same to Medikoe by writing to Medikoe shall within 30 (Thirty) business days from being notified by the author of the Online Content, remove the same from the Website provided Medikoe is convinced that the person requesting for the removal of the Online Content is the true and first author of the same.

Medikoe shall use best efforts to verify all Online Content and shall have a dedicated team verifying the Online Content. Medikoe shall use the highest editorial standards and integrity in deciding what content shall be posted, published or displayed on the Website.

No User shall modify, alter or remove any Online Content present anywhere on the Website unless with the express written consent from Medikoe.

In the event that any person suspects any infringement or unauthorised use of any intellectual property belonging to them, they may request Medikoe to remove the same from the Website. Such person will be required to furnish adequate proof of their ownership/claims over such intellectual property. In the event that Medikoe is satisfied with the request and the evidence furnished, Medikoe shall remove the infringing material from the Website within 30 business days.

In no event shall Medikoe, its directors, employees, agents or affiliates be liable for any damages (including but not limited to personal injury or death), loss of profits, income, revenues, goodwill, business including those in contract or tort (including negligence) arising out of or related to any Online Content or arising due to any reliance placed on the Online Content by any person regardless of whether Medikoe has been advised of the same or not.

Users shall be solely responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of any Online Content belonging to or posted/published/displayed by them.

The provisions of the Medikoe Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have been incorporated hereto wherever applicable by way of reference and this Policy shall be binding upon all Users. Any User not agreeing to this Policy is requested to refrain from accessing or using the Website or any of the Services offered by Medikoe, either directly or indirectly.

Medikoe reserves the right to amend and modify the whole or any part of this Policy from time to time. Medikoe shall not notify any User prior to amending or modifying this Policy and Users are requested to check for changes from time to time. The amended policy shall become effective from the date on which it is published online. Any User continuing to use the Website after the amendments/changes have become effective shall be construed to have agreed to the revised Policy.

In the event any User wishes to contact Medikoe for any matter, including but not limited to register complaints or report any infringement, they may do so by writing to and Medikoe shall respond to the same within 30 business days.


This Policy shall not govern any advertisements present on the Website.