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Workout Routines- Choosing the best workout for healthy life

Fitness Maniac

Fitness Maniac

  Btm layout, Bengaluru     May 9, 2019

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There are many workout routines over the internet, but choosing the best workout routine that suits you the best is a tough task. Most people often confuse themselves and target six different types of exercises for each part of the body. Hence, the most crucial step is to decide which exercise you should add to your daily workout routine.

Living a healthy life requires plenty of exercise (muscle toning and aerobic), consuming a nutritious, well-balanced, whole food based diet, and taking lots of sleep, rest, and relaxation. By adding all to your daily workout routine, you can strengthen yourself from all aspects (both physically and mentally), which helps you to improve your immune system. In addition, it will help you to fight illness and disease, increase your overall stamina, strength, and level of energy.

Before you make your final decision, consider the following factors to choose a workout routine that will do best for your fitness goal.

  • Whether you want to improve your muscular strength and tone or cardiovascular endurance
  • If you wish to lose weight or practice physical activities, you enjoy
  • If you want to improve your muscle and joint flexibility or balance your coordination
  • Time, place, and budget

These are the essential points that need to be considered before making any final decisions because the best workout is the one that you can actually stick with, so keep it simple.

Workout routines by category

Running Routines

Human has a natural habit of walking and it is an excellent exercise to maintain optimum weight and improve cardiovascular endurance. It can be divided into four different levels of difficulty including,

  • Initial running routines for beginners
  • Running routines for beginners
  • Running routines for intermediate
  • Running routines for advanced

Swimming Routines

Follow a swimming routine is not just helpful for your joints, but it also provides several health benefits such as improved cardiovascular endurance, improved muscle development and tone, etc.

The swimming routine is categorized into three different groups including,

  • Swimming routines for beginners
  • Swimming routines for intermediate
  • Swimming routines for advanced

Walking Routines

Walking is one of the most common modes of activity and has been around for nearly a thousand years. It elevates the heart rate while burning as many calories as possible. Regular walking routine is useful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A walking routine is divided into four distinct levels of intensity and a 3-week maintenance training program that has to be done between training sessions and walking events and competitions.

  • Initial walking routine for beginners
  • Walking routines for beginners
  • Walking routines for intermediate
  • Walking routines for advanced

Weight Training Routines

Regular practice of weight training exercises or any resistive workout provides many physical and mental benefits. Weight training is an excellent type of exercise if you are looking for something to lose weight while increasing muscle tissue density and metabolism rate of your body. It is also beneficial for improving muscle endurance.

Weight training routines are divided into several levels of difficulty, a combination of muscle groups and weight concepts such as:

  • Full body weight training routine for beginners/ intermediate/ advanced
  • Giant sets weight training routines
  • Push/push weight training routines
  • Pull/pull weight training routines
  • Push/pull weight training routines
  • Supersets weight training routines

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