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Why Parents Need Emotional Intelligence?

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 12, 2017

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Bringing up a child in the correct and an all round way is one of the most difficult challenges parents face. While it is easy to take care of physical upbringing and developing mental abilities, developing emotional intelligence is not so easy or quantifiable. Here are a few tips that will help you develop intelligence with ethics and feelings in your child:


Before taking any steps, it is important to understand the thinking process and perspective of your child. Listen to whatever he or she has to say about things in general and try to analyze the same. Behave compassionately and emphatically with your child as then the child will let go of negativity, will feel listened and understood to and this will develop empathy and compassion in the child.


When your child freely expresses something, do not ever respond with harshness or rebuke. Children do not draw lines between feelings and expression and just plainly express what they feel, which may be sometimes morally or ethically not in accordance with your principles. If you accept whatever your child expresses, it will make your child more confident and will let him feel that his or her emotions are nothing to be ashamed of.

Bring logic to the table:

Just feeling accepted and understood at an emotional level is not sufficient for overall emotional development for the child, as it will never teach him or her to deal with changes in emotions or won’t teach thinking at a broader level. Try to mix in logic with his or her emotional expressions. Say your child is expressing sadness about a friend not visiting to play, make him or her understand about the broader scenario, like the friend may have other duties or chores to do and there is nothing to be sad about.


Remember this is your best weapon. Children are naturally very playful and remember this is your best weapon. If your child is feeling heavy or sad for whatever reason, it is very easy to divert his or her mind by tackling the matter playfully. Take the previous example again- say a friend did not come to play, you can take the friend’s position and play with your child or divert his or her mind into some activity he or she loves doing with you.

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