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What is Wisdom Tooth?

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 10, 2017

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Teeth start growing in infants as early as six months of age. This phenomenon causes changes in the structures of jaw and mouth of the child. And at such early age when the child can not even communicate, you may not be able to judge if the dental growth is normal or has some defect. Besides, there are many reasons to get your child checked up by a pediatric dentist since an early age:

Primary teeth check:

When the infant’s teeth start growing, it may cause some discomfort and soreness. Though you can ease your child by rubbing a wet cloth or giving a teeth ring, it is still advisable to get it checked by a pediatric dentist for better treatment.

Oral hygiene:

There is a lot of difference between oral hygiene guidelines for an adult and that of a child. For example, you can brush or floss your teeth easily but using toothpaste is not recommended for a child as it contains chemicals or elements like fluoride which may be harmful for the child. So it is wise to visit a pediatric dentist who can check and accordingly suggest guidelines for your child’s oral health and hygiene.

Prevention of tooth decay:

If children consume a lot of sugars and do not brush properly, their teeth may decay rapidly. It is also a matter of fact that children are at a higher risk of tooth decay as they are not aware and do not take oral hygiene seriously. Even to prevent formation of cavities and other factors, you must take your child to a pediatric dentist once every six months for dental checkup.


Dental treatments often carry the image of unbearable pain. This phobia slowly develops as the child grows and has never been to a dentist. If the case gets severe, your child after reaching adulthood may not visit a dentist even in extreme cases like tooth fracture. But if your child is a regular to dentist since young age, the phobia will never develop as the child will have a more positive view of dental treatments.


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Dentakraft Oral Care Clinic
Dentakraft Oral Care Clinic |  May 24th, 2017

Yes it is possible and safe to extract a wisdom tooth with braces on..the braces only extend till the first if required one can go for extraction..

Dhwani Bhatia
Dhwani Bhatia |  October 15th, 2016

Is it possible and safe to extract a wisdom tooth if one has braces?

Pranjal |  October 13th, 2016