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What is Semi milled or wholly milled rice?

Dr Paramesh S

Dr Paramesh S

  Kalyan nagar, Bengaluru     Sep 21, 2017

   1 min     


Rice can also be milled to remove the pericarp (the outer layer of the rice which is still present in brown 
rice). Rice of this sort has either been semi-milled or wholly milled (also referred to as bleached rice). 
Semi-milled rice is consists rice from which the husk, part of the germ and the whole or part of the outer 
layers of the pericarp, but not the inner layers, have been removed. 
Wholly milled rice consists of whole rice from which the pericarp has been completely removed by 
passage through special tapering cylinders. Wholly milled rice can also be polished and subsequently 
glazed in order to improve its appearance. The polishing process (which is designed to embellish the mat 
surface of the plain milled rice is carried out in brush machines or 'polishing cones'. Glazing consists of 
coating the grains with a mixture of glucose and talcum in special glazing drums. The heading also includes 
'Camolino' rice, which consists of milled rice coated with a film of oil. 
Rice can also be referred to as parboiled. This means that the grains of rice, whilst still in the husk and 
before any other process has been carried out (e.g. husking, milling, etc), has been soaked in hot water or 
steamed and then dried. The grain structure of parboiled rice is only modified to a minor extent by the 
process it has undergone and is not classed as cooked rice. Such rice, after milling, polishing, etc, takes 
from 20 to 35 minutes to cook fully. Parboiled rice is usually puffed in appearance.


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