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What is Sahaja Yoga?

Ms Neha- Rooftop Yoga

Ms Neha- Rooftop Yoga

  Koramangala,      Apr 23, 2019

   6 min     



Sahaja Yoga is a form of meditation that is performed in order to achieve Self-realisation. In Ayurveda, this is referred to as Kundalini awakening. This idea was propagated to the world by Shri Mataji Nirmala Dev in 1970.

Practising Sahaja Yoga helps you evaluate your morals, and help you become balanced. In perfectly achieving this, it is believed that one ends up feeling divine. During ancient time, this practice was available only to a few people, and the knowledge used to be passed from teacher to student. 

Now, the scenario is different. Sahaja Yoga has earned popularity since the 70s, and anyone who wishes to can learn the art of Sahaja Yoga. In meditating and entering the path to self-realisation, one becomes aware and achieves physical, mental and emotional balance.

What makes Sahaja Yoga different?

A lot of different Yoga disciplines do focus on meditation, but the goal would be to relax the mind. One normal chant a mantra or needs to visualise a calm scenario to meditate. Typical meditation exercises in Yoga focus on the 6th Chakra and bring about positive effects on a spiritual level.  But Sahaja Yoga involves crossing this 6th Chakra, using Kundalini, into the 7th Chakra making us more self-aware.

When one receives Self-realisation, they are able to lead an unproblematic life which is joyful and balanced. Sahaja Yoga does not have religious connotations, but it is more about building a connection within yourself. This connection will help you better your mental and physical health.

Anyone who is a practitioner of Sahaja Yoga can confirm the differences they have experienced since they began practising this discipline. They are now the master of their own self, and they can make wise decisions, as well as diagnose everything that is wrong within them. You also have a better understanding of how your spiritual energy flows within you.

Things you should Know before Practising Sahaja Yoga

One has to obviously understand what Sahaja Yoga is all about and how it brings about self-awareness and inner transformation.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is about the Nadis and Chakras. For Sahaja Yoga to succeed, it is dependent on the person’s knowledge of these things. Nadi, in Yoga, is basically the channels in your body through which energy flows, while Chakras, or wheels, are certain points in the body where energy is focused or located. 

According to Yoga, there are three major channels and seven Chakras in the body. To ensure that the two are activated and functioning properly, one must undergo Kundalini awakening, a process that involves cleaning and balancing the subtle system while also enlightening and purifying your chakras.

Every human has chakras in the body, but for it to manifest to their full potential, one must undergo Kundalini Awakening. After which your body becomes more dynamic, creative, confident, and very humble.

 A little bit about Chakras

Our Chakras are said to be wheels of energy located along the spinal cord region that spin in the same frequency as the planets spin on their axis. They are responsible for ensuring the perfect operations in each body system. Our body has seven chakras. Once they undergo Kundalini Awakening, they bring about positive impacts within yourself. 

  • The mooladhara: This wheel is responsible for helping you rediscover your innocence as well as your intuitive wisdom.
  • The swadhisthana: This wheel gets your creative ideas churning, strengthen your instincts and helps you gain pure knowledge
  • The nabhi: This Chakra helps you understand your worth, and celebrate your achievements, thus bringing satisfaction to your inner self.
  • The Nahat: This Chakra strengthens your relationship with your friends and family. It basically helps you open up your heart as well as be more compassionate.
  • The Vishuddhi: Working on this establishes good perception, communication, and helps you approach stressful situations sensibly. 
  • The Agnya: Developing this Chakra, helps you understand the power of letting go. You will learn to move on immediately due to which you will have no residual hatred, hold no grudges, etc. You will learn to have proper power over your inner self.
  • The Sahasrara: This Chakra is the main focus of Sahaja Yoga. Working on this is what brings about a transformation and helps you understand the purpose and meaning of life.

A little bit about Nadis

There are three main channels.

  • The Left Channel or the Ida Nadi or the Moon Channel: This channel is the medium in which energies related to our desire flow. 
  • The Right Channel or the Pingala Nadi or the Sun Channel: This channel focuses on energies required for both mental and physical activities. 
  •  The Central Channel or Sushumna Nadi: This channel is responsible for the functioning of the nervous system. 

Performing Sahaja Yoga

  • Find yourself a comfortable place with little to no distractions. Sit down cross-legged and place your left hand on your left lap with your palm facing upwards. See to it that you are barefoot, to have a better connection with Mother Earth.
  • Keep your eyes closed, to pay attention to your insides.
  •  Now take your right hand and touch different parts of the body on the left side. 
  • Meditate. Place your hand on your heart and address your Kundalini. Ask it three times, “Mother, am I, my own master?”
  • Next place your hand on the left side below the belt. Ask the Kundalini six times, “Mother, please give me the pure knowledge.”
  • Next place your right hand  under your left ribs and repeat the following ten times: “Mother, I am my own master.”
  • Next, place the hand over your heart and repeat 12 times, “Mother, I am the pure spirit.”
  • Next place the hand between the neck and shoulder on the left side. Now facing towards the right repeat 16 times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all.”
  • Next place the same hand on your forehead, look downwards and say the following a few times, “Mother, I forgive everyone, including myself.”
  • Place your hand on the back of your neck, look upwards and say  “Oh, Divine Power, if I have committed any mistakes, please forgive me.”
  • Now firmly press your hand on the centre part of the top of your head, i.e. the fontanelle bone area. Move your hand and scalp seven times in circles, clockwise and repeat, Mother, please give me my Self-Realization."

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