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What Is Prenatal Massage?

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 11, 2017

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A wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care, during pregnancy is a Massage therapy. It is a beneficial way to lower stress and aid overall wellness. Massage relieves majority of the normal vexations experienced during pregnancy, such as edema (or swelling),leg cramps, stiff neck, headaches and backaches.

Although nearly all massage training institutions educate massage therapy for women who are pregnant, it is best to seek a massage therapist who is authenticated in prenatal massage.

Adding to it, massage for pregnant women: encourages blood and lymph circulation can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes, helps to relax nervous tension -- which aids in better sleep and reduces stress on weight-bearing joints.

During the prenatal massage

Therapists take extra care to make sure the pregnancy massage customers are comfortable.

When the pressure of massage techniques is applied sideline positioning with supportive, soft cushions is used to reduce the extra strain on the lower back and pelvic areas. To naturally avoid any potential discomfort, due to extra strain in these regions causing unwanted abdominal or back pain.

You may opt to lie on your back with a small, cushioned tapered block placed under one hip to give a slight height through the 2nd trimester. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, your therapist may use such massage skills as Swedish massage, reflexology, or certain skills that address your peculiar requests and needs.


It is always a good idea to discuss with your therapist any everyday symptoms you would like to see relieved as massage for pregnant women offers a number of benefits. Those might include:

Focusing on the head, neck and shoulders headaches can be relieved by massage. In addition, maintaining maximum levels of stress relief through massage lowers the chances of tension or migraines headaches by relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points.

Muscle tension generated by bearing the extra weight of a baby can be comforted by stimulating blood flow to the troubled areas. This gives more nutrient-rich oxygen and also raises the flow of lymphatic fluid, which cleans away toxins and metabolic waste.

Backaches, Fatigue, swelling/edema and leg cramps and can all be relieved through different kinds of massage for pregnant women.

The normal aches and pains of pregnancy are hit back by the release of serotonin, your body's natural anti-pain chemical, which is triggered by massage.

While a massage can't assure that your newborn will sleep through the night, it can give you a better night's sleep both during pregnancy and afterwards. Frequent massage therapy not only helps decrease anxiety and discomfort but boosts relaxation as well. This eventually can lead to improved sleep patterns.

In addition, the dopamine serotonin and endorphins released by your body in return to massage provide an extra helping of those natural chemicals. Touch Research Institute director Dr. Tiffany Field says "Massage is very productive at increasing deep sleep”.


A variety of massage techniques offered by a professional massage therapist can benefit women with normal, low-risk pregnancies.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor or midwife before beginning one of our massage therapy programs, for women with high-risk pregnancies. Tell your therapist immediately, if you experience discomfort at any time during the pregnancy massage.

Possible benefits of pregnancy massage

A very small number of studies have focused on massage in pregnancy. No specific benefits have been confirmed. But one study at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine recommends that massage therapy might have numerous favorable effects, including:

  • Decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine
  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased back and leg pain
  • Lowered anxiety
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