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What is Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy?

Dr Kriti Sachdeva

Dr Kriti Sachdeva

  Faridabad, Faridabad     Mar 28, 2019

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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is a specialized area of physiotherapy treating injuries and conditions which affect the muscles, joints, and soft tissues. Injuries which can be treated by musculoskeletal physiotherapy can include:

•    Ligament Sprains

•    Muscle strains

•    Arthritis

•    Cartilage Tears

•    Pre and post-surgery rehabilitation

•    Fracture rehabilitation

•    Back pain

•    Knee pain

•    Ankle pain

•    Wrist pain

•    Elbow pain

•    Post spinal injuries

•    Rheumatological conditions

Before starting any treatment, physiotherapists will have an initial assessment which will involve discussion about the pain and problems and a thorough examination. Some of the treatments which the musculoskeletal physiotherapist use can include:

  • Exercise therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Self-management strategies

The most appropriate treatment will be selected upon the clinical judgment and the experience of the physiotherapist on the findings from the initial assessment. Treatments for musculoskeletal injuries aim to:

  • Optimise healing
  • Speed the recovery process
  • Increase strength
  • Restore normal movement
  • Decrease pain
  • Decrease swelling and inflammation
  • Increase independence
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