{"status":300,"success":true,"article":{"company_name":"Dr. Mini Nair","company_url":"Dr.-Mini-Nair","articleId":3446,"id":3446,"creator_id":53567,"title":"Marma Therapy-Know more","content":"<\/title><\/head><body><p><strong>What is Marma Therapy? <\/strong><\/p><p>Marma Therapy is a vital piece of Ayurveda that keeps up the <em>health <\/em>by purifying the blocked <em>energy<\/em>.<\/p><p>The word Marma is originated from a Sanskrit source - Mrin Maranae. The Sanskrit expression - mriyatae asmin iti marma signifies there is probability of death or severe harm to well-being when these points are affected. Subsequently, these areas are called marma. Marma in Sanskrit additionally implies secret. By definition, a Marma point is a joint on the body where at least two kinds of tissue meet, for example - muscles, veins, tendons, bones or joints.<\/p><p><strong>107 Points to Healing <\/strong><\/p><p>Marma therapy uses 107 points into the body & consciousness. The brain is considered as the 108th marma.<\/p><p>Major marma points relate to the 7 chakras, or energy centers of the body, while the minor points spread along the limbs & torso. These points run in size from 1 – 6 inches in diameter. The points were mapped out in detail hundreds of years prior in the 'Sushruta Samhita ', a classic Ayurvedic content.<\/p><p><strong>The points cover both the front & back of the body, incorporating<\/strong><\/p><ul><li>22 on the lower extremities<\/li><li>22 on the arms<\/li><li>12 on the chest & stomach<\/li><li>14 on the back<\/li><li>37 on the head & neck<\/li><\/ul><p><strong> <\/strong><\/p><p><strong>What Happens During Marma?<\/strong><\/p><p>In Marma therapy, a light incitement of points is done on the body. It expels blockages from the marma points giving physical & mental power & relaxation. This is an intense procedure & a treatment that works with these delicate & sensitive energy points to open the vitality channels in the body are called srothas.<\/p><p>When Marma points are tenderly pushed on the skin can fortify a chain of positive events.<\/p><p><strong>Why is Marma Good for You?<\/strong><\/p><p>Marma treatments are significant & work at various levels - physical, mental, spiritual & emotional & can make sensational moves in the body.<\/p><ul><li>Alleviate constant & severe torment, both locally & remotely<\/li><li>Detoxification at all levels.<\/li><li>Significant change in bodily \/organ functions, particularly respiratory, neural, immunity, psychological & digestive<\/li><li>Healthier skin & a brilliant appearance<\/li><li>Balances body temperature & can adjust the doshas<\/li><li>Releases neuro-chemicals, for example - serotonin, melatonin for enhanced intellectual capacity & more profound sleep<\/li><\/ul><p><strong>Advantages of Marma treatment <\/strong><\/p><ul><li>All the advantage of usual massage.<\/li><li>Energizes the organ systems & tissues<\/li><li>Refreshes tissue<\/li><li>Alleviates physical & mental blockages of vitality<\/li><li>helps evacuate overabundance ama or toxins<\/li><li>Hinders aging<\/li><li>Enhances lymph<\/li><li>Enhances the assurance from vata issue<\/li><li>Nourishes the body<\/li><li>Promotes great sleep<\/li><li>Enhances physical steadiness<\/li><li>Balances the dosha<\/li><li>Helps easy flow of vitality through the vitality channels.<\/li><li>Helps to discharge blocked vitality & help in preventing infection.<\/li><\/ul><\/body><\/html>","created_at":"2017-06-22 21:10:40","updated_at":"2019-01-19 05:53:31","topic":"Ayurveda, ","url":"marma-therapy-know-more-3446","status":0,"view_count":107,"old_url":null}}