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What is Candle Therapy?

Avyang Health Care

Avyang Health Care

  Koramangala, Bengaluru     Apr 16, 2019

   2 min     


Candle therapy is used to unite the three powers, the power of mind, body, and spirit/soul. It has been used for ages and has been practiced by nearly every religion.

A candle act as a “self-subject,” metaphorically it is just a reflection of you so that you can see yourself and work on yourself. It burns to remind you of your desire. The light from it reminds you of the ethical and spiritual changes you want to bring about.

Candle therapy can be used in many ways- meditation, Reiki, balancing the chakra, energy healing and many more with the objective of cleansing and healing the body, and strengthening the body, mind and soul.

How to perform Candle Therapy at Home?

Performing candle therapy is very easy. All you have to do is choose a quiet corner of your house. Take a mat and sit there holding a burning candle in your hand at your chest level. Stare at the candle in the most positive way and built a connecting between the light of the candle and yourself.

Then you can create your reality via your visualization, energy, and emotion. What you wish for will come in immediately or in time, be patient and believe in it, because believing is achieving.

Remember to light the candle with a positive intention. Also, light candle with the colour you need the most (rainbow colour is the best for healing).

Another way of performing candle therapy is by placing a candle at a distance and meditating by concentrating on the burning fire.

The power of the candle possesses a sense of tranquil and almost hypnotic atmosphere; therefore, if you allow it to, then the power of the candle will take you to an extraordinary place mentally, physically, and emotionally. You don’t need expensive candles or scented candles for the task, a simple one can do that job!

How do I place the candles?

The candles are placed according to how many you want to use for your therapy.

1 candle: You can hold it in your hand or place it somewhere at a distance and concentrate on it.

3 candles: Make an equilateral triangle (sit inside it) and place each candle at the three corners.

4 candles: Imagine a square (sit inside it) and place each candle on the four corners of the square.

5 candles: Also known as the 5 point star. Imagine a five-point star, sit inside the centre region of the star (the pentagram) and place the candles at the edge of the star points.

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