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What is Arthritis?

Medihope Super Speciality Hospital

Medihope Super Speciality Hospital

  Malleshpalya, Bengaluru     Feb 1, 2017

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One of the most common but poorly understood conditions, Arthritis is a joint disease that affects millions of people across the world. Arthritis is not a single disease but has over 100 types and related conditions, which affect both sexes of all age groups. This disease is, however, more common among women and increases as people get older.


This is one of the most common types of arthritis that affects joints and causes a lot of pain. Cartilage is the cushioning between bones that prevents bones from rubbing. When this wears away, the bones begin to rub which causes pain, swelling and stiffness.

What are the causes and how is it diagnosed?

It is most commonly a disease of the elderly as it is gradual wearing of bones. Obesity, sedentary lifestyle and a family history of the disease increase your chances.

If you experience prolonged joint pains, consult your physician or orthopedic and they will perform a physical examination to check for fluid between bones or wearing.

How do you treat arthritis?

The treatment for arthritis basically aims at reducing the pain caused and preventing further wearing of the bones. Alternating between hot and cold packs brings temporary relief. Medication is given for pain management and controlling inflammation. Walkers and canes are also suggested to ease the pressure on the joints.

In case of severe pain, for certain joints like knees and hip, surgery is common for joint replacement.

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