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What Does Alcohol Do to Your Teeth?

Dentistry Clinic

Dentistry Clinic

  Babusahabpalya, Bengaluru     Feb 10, 2017

   1 min     


Our teeth come across various edible items day and night. Where few of them can contribute to its wellbeing, others are there for a reverse effect. But do you really give a second thought about when and how the condition of your teeth deteriorates? Or do you ever think about the ill-effect alcohol has on our teeth while you enjoy it? Well, no right! Alcohol is not just bad for your health but also for your teeth. But the good news is it is possible to stop or reverse few of the dental condition that alcohol is responsible for.

How does it affect your teeth?

1. Dryness

As we know, saliva keeps our teeth moist and also helps in eradicating plaque and bacteria from the tooth’s surface or oral space. Studies suggest that high consumption of alcohol (spirits) results in the dryness of the mouth and decreasing the quantity of saliva. This results in plaque formation and teeth/tooth decay.


Try to stay hydrated while you drink alcohol.

2. Staining

Alcohol can easily stain your teeth. Chromogens attaches to the tooth enamel that’s been compromised by the acid in alcohol leading to yellow stained teeth.


Use a straw to drink alcoholic drinks to preserve that beautiful smile of yours. 

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