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Ways to prepare for an allergy emergency!

Dr Nandeesh B

Dr Nandeesh B

  Kalyan nagar, Bengaluru     May 13, 2019

   2 min     


Allergies can crop up at anytime, anywhere, and in any form, from rashes or hives to breathing difficulties. Some allergic reactions are easy to manage, but few allergic reactions like the asthmatic attack or any anaphylactic reactions which causes breathlessness and loss of consciousness can be fatal to health.

Thankfully, there are ways to cope with these allergies emergency and even prevent them from striking in the first place. Given below are five ways to prepare for an allergic emergency, give it a read!

  • Epinephrine injector

Epinephrine injector (if prescribed by the doctor) is a boon in case of an emergency. Make sure your child carries it everywhere he/she goes, be it school, or vacation and store the injector in a cool place since high temperature (even body temperature) affect how well epinephrine works.

  • AAP (Asthma Action Plan)

Learn the Asthma Action Plan (AAP) by heart. Your child’s healthcare specialist will give you a written AAP after studying the child's history and the severity of the condition. The AAP directs you what to do if the condition (asthma) gets worse, when and how your child should use the asthma drugs, and when to seek emergency help for your child. Therefore, understand the plan and ask your child's doctor any doubts you have. Keep the Asthma Action Plan handy to remind you of your child's daily asthma management. Also, provide this to his/her caregiver and school teacher, so that they know how to treat the child's symptoms if necessary.

  • Emergency action plan

Consult with the doctor and make an emergency action plan for your child. In case of an emergency, if you think it’s necessary for an epinephrine injector, give it right away. Call the nearest hospital (or an emergency number like 911) while the injection is administered. Make sure to take the epinephrine syringe used to the hospital.

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!

Allergies can strike anyone at any time so make sure you practice. Learn, how to use the epinephrine injector? How and when to remove the caps? Where is the injection site? How to hold the syringe? Learn and practice it. If it’s necessary to ask the health care specialist for a demonstration at his office, then ask him, or read the manufacturer’s manual carefully to get detailed instructions.


This is one of the most important instructions since an allergic reaction can strike anyone at any time. Make sure that your child is never alone. If you are busy at work, make sure he/she is assisted by a nanny who is aware of his/her condition and knows what can be done in case of an emergency.

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