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Tuberculosis deaths worldwide 2020

Medikoe Wellness Expert

Medikoe Wellness Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Jul 28, 2021

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Fewer cases of TB (tuberculosis) were reported in 2020 due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, and this led to half a million extra deaths from the disease globally, as per the data released by WHO (World Health Organisation) on March 21, 2021.

A 21 per cent decrease in tuberculosis notification was observed owing to lockdowns and other interruptions caused due to the pandemic. While 6.3 million tuberculosis infections were reported in 2019, the figure dropped to 4.9 million last year.

This indicates that 1.4 million people did not receive treatment for tuberculosis in 2020. This caused around half a million excess deaths due to the disease, as per a WHO modelling. 

The United Nations health agency predicted in its analysis that this could set the world back a decade to the tuberculosis mortality level of the year 2010.

The most significant shortfall in average monthly notification compared to that of 2019 was seen in Indonesia at 42 per cent. This was accompanied by South Africa at 41 per cent, the Philippines at 37 per cent and India at 25 per cent, with the highest TB burden in the world.

World Health Organisation has asked the countries to scale up testing for tuberculosis, along with COVID-19 disease. This is of main concern that that as nations invest more and more molecular testing for examining COVID-19 cases, the supply of such tests for detecting tuberculosis cases has to be maintained.

Moreover, the fact that common traits of both the diseases, i.e., cough, fever, and breathlessness, is the same, a more accurate TB testing becomes all the more necessary.

The WHO recommended home-based and community-based prevention and care over hospital treatment for TB patients as much as possible to reduce the scope for transmission.

The countries have been asked to identify the unique needs of communities, the populations at greater risk of tuberculosis and employ novel tools to address their requirements.

These involve the use of molecular rapid diagnostic tests, computer-aided detection to evaluate chest radiography and the application of a wider range of methods for screening people living with HIV for tuberculosis.

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