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This Dussehra Let Us Remember The Good We Owe Our Bodies

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Oct 20, 2020

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History of Dussehra

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. It is celebrated at the end of Navaratri, i.e. on the 10th day. It usually falls around September or October every year.

In different parts of India, Dussehra is celebrated for different reasons. In many parts of India, Vijayadashami is celebrated after Durga Puja, where we honour the victory of Goddess Durga against the demon Mahishasura and how she restored and protected dharma; the Hindu way of living. In other parts, we celebrate Dussehra to commemorate the victory of Lord Rama over the Lankan demon King Ravana; symbolically, it also celebrates that good always wins over evil. The 10th day is also the day when Arjuna of the Pandavas, defeated a million Kuru warriors, which is another example of good winning over evil.

 What we notice is that this festival is clearly meant to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Ridding ourselves and everyone around us of evil is what honours the spirit of Dussehra. This can be ensured in different ways. 

To keep ourselves pure and good, we must have the right health to do so. Looking after ourselves is what promotes looking out for others, as a healthy body leads to a sound mind, and a sound mind is the best medium for spreading the “good” all around us.

So, let us begin by trying and fighting the various evils in our body to promote long and healthy life. In keeping the insides healthy and balanced, you can prevent being attacked by diseases (a different kind of demon) like diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, and obesity.

These demons are welcomed into our body due to evils, such as unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, unwanted stress, and consuming poisons like tobacco and alcohol. Keeping these evils at bay ensures that the demons, i.e. the chronic diseases, won't find us.

10 Heads of Ravana in our Life

Here are 10 evil habits that we all must get rid of in order to stay healthy and bring the “good” into our lives.

  • Firstly, completely cease the habit of consuming alcohol and tobacco. These two substances carry with them enough risks to bring problems to major organ systems like the respiratory system, cardiac system, digestive system, etc. Alcohol also causes liver cirrhosis and triggers obesity and depression.

  • Smoking cigarettes is one of the leading causes of cancer, infertility and many other throats and respiratory conditions. It also increases your blood pressure, heart rate and decreases the oxygen supplied to the brain.

  • Next, start implementing healthier food habits. We have all been unnecessarily consuming fat, refined carbohydrates filled with unwanted calories, high levels of sodium; all of which lead to conditions like heart diseases, increased LDL cholesterol, obesity and issues with the kidneys. Fast foods, junk food, all of them contain high levels of trans fat, sodium, and refined sugar. Instead ensure that you implement a balanced diet with the right proportions of macronutrients like carbohydrates and fats: Source vitamin and other nutrients with a healthy intake of fruits and vegetables. The best thing to have is home-made, Ghar ka nutrient-dense khana.

  • Rid yourselves of unnecessary stress. We get that it is easier said than done. But there are healthy ways by which one can avoid unnecessary stress. And for no reason, depend on substances like cigarettes to deal with stress. Instead, you can perform healthy exercises, yoga, and meditation; if none of these work, you can always seek the help of a mental health professional, to deal with issues like anger and negativity. Take breaks amidst your work, be it while working at the office or at home.

  • In addition to that, get at least 6-8 hours of sleep if you are an adult, this will keep your spirits up because of the release of and also help reduce stress.

  • Increase your carbohydrate consumption, i.e. healthy carbohydrates. This includes food that is rich in soluble fibres, unrefined food products etc. Increase the intake of citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables to get the necessary amount of Vitamin C. Leafy green vegetables are also rich in other minerals and antioxidants.

  • Include exercises in your routine. Along with a healthy diet, one must also see that their body receives a proper amount of activity. The body must not stay idle or inactive. As they say, idleness only welcomes devils. Take a walk, or join your neighbourhood gym, or take dance classes. Do what you must to keep your body active. Regular exercise keeps obesity and hypertension at bay.

  • Another evil we almost fight is our addiction to the screen, be it a computer, mobile phones, laptops or television. All the children are now glued to their phones, and there is no proper filtering of the information they receive. Everybody, both parents and children must spend active time with each other. In bonding with one’s family, the child develops emotional intelligence, something that cannot be taught through the screens. Doing physical activities with each other also means the body gets sufficient exercise, and the eyes do not develop any strain.

  • Set a proper eating schedule. We must see to it that we are eating three-square meals at appropriate intervals. Everyone has become so busy with other activities that they forget their meals. Some even have their meals right before they go to bed. It is unhealthy to go to sleep on a full stomach. In doing this, the body does not get proper rest as the digestive system is working while you sleep, and the nutrients aren’t properly absorbed, and you will wake up annoyed; thanks to your disturbed sleep. Eat your dinner, at least an hour before you go to bed. Let your body take some time to digest what has been ingested and absorb the necessary nutrients.

  • Focus on Self-care. See to that you are putting up efforts to take care of yourself in every way possible. Put some effort into maintaining proper hygiene. Do not neglect simple self-care activities.

There is a lot more we can do to keep unhealthy demons away from our body system. What we all must focus on is looking after ourselves. For a long time, we had our parents doing that for us. As one wades into adulthood, they get more and more careless. After all, it is the time when we are making or breaking our lives, focusing on our careers, building relationships. In chasing these successes, we forget what the most important things are: our own health and well-being. We forget our timely doctor visit, we start settling for unhealthy habits, and we do not take any time to ensure any good happens to our body. We expose it to all kinds of evil. This Dussehra let us all make a promise to our bodies that we will only subject it to good and fight off all the evil. 

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