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The Most Advantageous Dried Fruits for Weight Loss

Simarouba Yoga and Naturopathy Clinic

Simarouba Yoga and Naturopathy Clinic

  Thippasandra, Bengaluru     Aug 22, 2017

   2 min     


People mostly underestimate the value of the dried fruits for reducing weight just because they are high in calorie. But, their advantages are self-evident. They are nutritious & have the capacity to keep you full for quite a while. Among so many types of dried fruits, below are few that work best to keep you full for long.

  • Dried Apricots 

Dried apricots are rich in calcium, potassium & magnesium & can hold your hunger for almost 5 hours. Only 200 kcal are there in 100 g of the dried apricots, which makes it a standout amongst other dried fruits for reducing weight.

  • Dates 

Dates will fill you for the longest time. It is a good source of vitamin B5 which will expand your endurance. Every 100 g of the dates has 282 kcal. It is a decent snack for the individuals who wish to stop overeating & is also helpful for reducing weight.

  • Pistachios 

They are exceptionally nutritious & contain 562 kcal for 100 g. It has iron, protein, vitamin, healthy fats, magnesium & much more. It is a nutritious, beneficial & a tasty snack to reduce weight.

  • Prunes 

Prunes or dried plums contain a good amount of dietary fibers that enhance intestinal peristalsis, which is the procedure that enables your body to dispose of the waste & the toxins, hence promote a reduction in weight. 100 g of prunes has only 240 kcal.

  • Raisins 

Raisins are a standout amongst the most well-known dried fruit for reducing weight. It contains iodine, hence it is an excellent nibble for a low salt diet plans. 100 g of raisins has 299 kcal & just 0.5 g of fat.

  • Cashew Nuts 

Cashews are a great decision for reducing weight as they are rich in protein & dietary fiber. It makes you feel full for longer time. 100 g of cashews has 553 kcal. It can give you 33% of your everyday consumption of iron & 20% of vitamin B6.

  • Almonds 

Almonds are viewed as a low calorie nibble, though 100 g of almonds 576 kcal however only the consumption of 30g are sufficient to eat as they are very nutritious. Almonds enable you to diminish LDL & nurture your body with vitamin E & mono-unsaturated fats that help in reducing weight.

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