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The Best Time To Eat!

Dt Sheetal chhabria

Dt Sheetal chhabria

  Vasanth nagar, Bengaluru     May 16, 2017

   1 min     


Eating food may consider exceptionally easy in itself yet it is the basic errors we make which leads to a major effect on us. It is significant to know that with regards to eating, the planning of meals is very important.

How regularly do you postpone your breakfast or avoid your feast after a substantial exercise? How frequently do you eat just before sleep time? Do you keep long gaps between your meals? The best time to eat your meals can be a difficult question to answer.

Here we have tried to explain it for you:


- After you get up in the morning you should eat within 30 minutes
- The ideal time to have your breakfast is 7am
- Do not postpone your breakfast later than 10am
- Ensure to have protein in your breakfast (Eggs, almonds, oats, yogurt, milk etc.)


- The ideal time to eat your lunch is 12.45pm
- Try to maintain a gap of 4 hours between your breakfast & your lunch
- Do not postpone your lunch later than 4pm.


- The perfect time to eat your dinner is before 7pm
- You should maintain a gap of at least 3 hours between your dinner & your sleeping time

- Do not postpone your dinner later than 10pm
- Eating close to your sleep time can hinder the quality of your sleep

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Tabish kalim
Tabish kalim |  August 25th, 2017

sir plze hlp.wen I eat breakfast ..lunch ..and dinner ..tell time ..

Medikoe Health Expert
Medikoe Health Expert |  May 17th, 2017