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The advantages of opting for personalized websites

Medikoe HealthTech Expert

Medikoe HealthTech Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Oct 19, 2020

   6 min     



With time, competition has increased in the field of medicine. Even if you are a doctor practising a rare medical speciality, there is still some competition in the area.

Sure, people in your geographical area might know of you, but it doesn't necessarily mean you have a greater reach.

We, at Medikoe, give that greater reach to the doctor by designing personalized websites that help increase your visibility and aid you in taking your practice to higher levels. The websites we design are highly optimized for the best search engine rankings. Besides that, these personalized websites will help your patients understand your practice better and make you their go-to doctor.

Doctors who now run a private practise aren’t just essential service providers, but, are now it is akin to running a small business practise, where, while also providing the best healthcare service, they should also focus on attracting and retaining patients to ensure a profitable livelihood. No matter how big or small your practice is, you must work on advertising it or promoting it.

With information at people’s fingertips, the number of people searching for the best healthcare providers online has increased with time. In the end, people look for information regarding doctors and their practice to zero in on the ideal personal healthcare provider.

When we have so many consumers looking for health consultants online, the best way to enter this radar is by having an excellent medical website designed along with developing an online presence on social media.

It is essential to maintain a decent social media presence as the patients want to know and understand their doctor better. Besides, patients may interact with each other and exchange reviews of you and your practice. 

Medikoe’s personalized websites for doctors ensure that all the information about the practice and the doctor is out on the web. This enhances the quality and presence of your clinics and builds a strong online reputation.

Our aim is to better engage with a broad spectrum of patients, which in turn will enhance the overall standard of your business. The websites are designed by the best web designers, who create captivating website designs and templates, thus ensuring a fantastic user experience. The content in these websites has been created with the sole aim of helping the patients get to know you and your expertise better. This would further increase the number of appointments and since you now have a more significant reach online.

The websites we design adheres to the ultimate practise guidelines, which means our designers create pages that are attractive, interesting and informative while also having content that has been search-engine-optimized with high loading speeds and intuitive navigation.

The creators at Medikoe know how to optimize the website by investing in quality content using the right keywords, heading tags, meta tags and with the appropriate use of photographs. We also design pages with comforting colour schemes that have the quickest loading speeds along with optimized loading and visuals on any device be it mobile phones, laptop, tablets, etc.

Benefits of Using Medikoe’s Customized and Optimized Website

The websites designed by medikoe are not just optimized, but our web designers keep up with the latest developments in the field and constantly update the websites, so they remain ranked amongst the top medical websites.

Even if Medikoe is responsible for designing the websites, in the end, it is all about the doctors and their practice. Your personalized websites can be a platform for you to share your mission and vision in the field of healthcare along with other information such as your location details, booking availability etc. You can give out key messages, and let them know about who you are as a doctor.

Since information about you is now online, patients from anywhere can look you up and gain information by going through the websites at any time, anywhere. This is good for patients to receive comfort in understanding the doctor who is treating them or their family members during a medical emergency.

Our websites can help increase your patient visits as we have streamlined booking appointments. Patients can now directly book appointments online, and there needn't be any fear of overlapping appointments; the website also posts available slots for consultation. In addition, we have a click-to-call option available that helps patients confirm their appointments. We at Medikoe do the best kerb no-shows by sending patients reminders of their recently booked appointments through email or text messages.

Doctors can make use of this website to not only share information about themselves but also clinically accurate information for all the patients that follow your websites. You can add in your blogs and opinions about the latest trends in the field of medicine. This helps patients keep up with your work, which in turn helps them understand you and your practice better.

When your patients know that you are up to date with the latest medical technology and practices, it helps improve your public image; your website serves as a testimonial for the best practices in online marketing as well.

Personalized websites aren't just for your patients, but also your peers and colleagues in the field of medicine. Your website contains all information about you, your successes, your practice methods, your services. When other doctors visit your website, they can understand your practice which means an increase in the number of referrals.

Medikoe's personalized websites don't just increase your patient flow and ensure that you are ranked in the search engine, but on a personal level, it helps improve the efficiency in your clinic. Since your website will have additional links that help patients book appointments and other necessary information, your receptionist can now be free of answering repetitive questions.

Possible Drawbacks of Having Personalized Websites

One of the major downsides to having personalized websites is the reviews posted by people. Most reviews are posted by patients, who do not have the expertise on the kind of treatment you perform. They may not understand your treatment, and if it doesn't work, it will lead to a negative review online.  It could also give rise to the spread of false information too. Online reviews have a major influence on the patient inflow; hence negative reviews will impact those. But, where there are negative reviews, there are also equally positive reviews too. So, it can be balanced out.

Another disadvantage could be, patients may be apprehensive of personalized medical websites. They may doubt the credibility as the website specially caters to the needs of the doctors, which is why we need to leave room for patients to give out their testimonials—thus ensuring that the website isn't one-sided.

The web designers at Medikoe make it a point to make the website interactive so that, not only will it serve as a means of understanding the doctor, but will also help the patient engage and communicate with their doctor. It is a two-way process.


Having personalized websites may have its benefits and disadvantages. But in the end, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. When it comes to Medikoe, we create highly optimized websites, and our only aim is to help put you out there and let patients understand you and your excellent practice.

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