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Take control of your diabetes.

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 19, 2021

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Diabetes cases in the world are on the rise and shockingly, many people are facing major health issues because of failure to manage the disease effectively. Diabetes is a life-long disease that needs a lot of time and efforts to manage. While the disease continues to wipe a large part of the population, majority of the people affected have refused to let it get in the way of their lives. Most of them have learnt to manage diabetes effectively and are now living a more comfortable life with fewer complications. You too can be one among them by learning a few important tips to manage diabetes effectively. Remember that the main aim of diabetes management is to keep blood glucose levels as normal as possible. Let’s have a closer look at some of the best tips that you can use to manage your diabetes.

Eat Well

When it comes to diabetes management, diet plays a very important role. However, you need to know the best foods to eat, how the combinations of these foods affect your blood sugar levels, and how, much you are supposed to eat. Carbohydrates have the largest impact on your blood sugar levels. Learn the appropriate amount of carbohydrates to consume by using measuring cups or scales. Balance your meals by ensuring that every plate has a good mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and fats. It’s especially important to pay special attention to the type of carbohydrates and the amount you are supposed to consume. Avoid all foods and beverages that are known to spike blood sugar levels. However, if you are experiencing low blood sugar levels, you may use sugar-sweetened beverages such as juice, soda or sports drink to raise the glucose levels.


Engaging in frequent physical exercises can help your body use insulin more efficiently. You don’t have to weigh-lift or perform other vigorous exercises; even a simple brisk walk or jogging can produce long-term effects. 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day is recommended. Apart from lowering your blood sugar levels, exercise also helps you lose weight, reduce stress, gives you more energy, and makes it easier to fall asleep.

Stay Hydrated

You might not be aware of this but dehydration can actually affect your blood sugar levels. Always drink the ideal 2-litres of water on a daily basis.

Take your Medication appropriately

Just like with other health complications, usage of medication can affect its effectiveness. You understand that insulin and other types of diabetes medication are specifically designed to lower your blood sugar levels. It’s important to always take the appropriate dosage at the right time as prescribed by the doctor. Proper storage of these medications is important, especially insulin which is highly sensitive in extreme temperatures. For safety, always consult a doctor before taking any new over-the-counter medication.

Stop Drinking and Smoking

The information that smoking is bad for us is printed on every cigarettes package, but its effects on people suffering from diabetes are even worse. Tobacco use increases blood sugar levels and leads to insulin resistance. This means that the more you smoke, the greater your risk of diabetes. Drinking too much alcohol causes pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), which impairs its ability to produce insulin. Alcohol and smoking makes diabetes and its complications even worse.

Control your Stress Levels

Many studies have confirmed that stress can actually raise blood glucose levels. When you are stressed, the hormones produced by your body causes a rise in your blood sugar levels. Additionally, diabetes itself can put you under a lot of pressure. While it’s much harder to get rid of stress in your life, you can find ways to handle it. Once you learn how stress affects your blood sugar, you will be able to fight back hard. Relaxation techniques are effective and whenever possible, always avoid the common stress triggers in your life.

Adjust your Diabetes Treatment

A few years before and during menopause, women may experience hormonal changes, which may result in unpredictable variations in blood sugar levels. Likewise, changes in hormones levels before and during menstruation may result in fluctuations in blood sugar levels. These may complicate diabetes management. You should always keep track of your blood sugar levels especially during such times. Your doctor may adjust your treatment in order to accommodate the changes.

Go for Regular Check-ups

For effective diabetes management, regular check-ups are essential. Monitoring your glucose levels can help prevent any further complications. Furthermore, your doctor can detect and control various complications early enough. Additionally, check your blood pressure on a regular basis. Regular check-ups help you manage diabetes effectively.

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Maintain Proper Dental Hygiene

Brush your teeth and floss every day to avoid problems with your mouth, teeth, or gums. This is because people with diabetes are more likely to have gum disease which causes tooth loss. Good oral hygiene can help control diabetes.

Join Diabetes Support Groups

Meeting up with people and sharing your diabetes experiences can really work magic. You will be amazed at how much you can effectively manage your diabetes through active interactions. You don’t have to wait until the disease takes a toll on you. The earlier you start managing it, the better.

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