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Skin Care Mistakes That Could Be Damaging Your Skin

Dr Jaya Sharma

Dr Jaya Sharma

  Hrbr layout, Bengaluru     Feb 26, 2019

   6 min     



Skin damage is a cause of worry for many. However, when it comes to our skincare routines, we have the best plans. We need to take care of our skin and retain it juvenile as long as attainable. But, even with the best choices, we can end up wrecking our skin’s health without even discerning we’re doing it.

Whether you’re man or woman, skincare failures happen. Exerting the time to give your skin a few extra cares doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve placed together this ready list of ten skincare mistakes that might be damaging your skin — and how you can avoid them. 

These skincare mistakes can readily be avoided as they usually damage your face and body. Some of them are so unexpected because all our lives we have been doing it the incorrect way and no one said anything to us. Be it applying cotton pillowcases, over-cleaning our faces or applying hot water. Some are very reasonable but then the lethargic we tend to not use it in real life like putting on sunscreen each day, popping those pimples etc. 

Skin those expensive cream that promise better skin and figure out what the mistakes are that are causing you damage. Let’s go through these mistakes one by one this time.

1. You might be changing your cosmetic products often.

However, tempting it might be for you to try a new skincare product, try and resist the urge. This is because your skin might not adjust to the new product with ease and could cause an allergic reaction. 

2. You might be scrubbing regularly.

Occasionally using facial scrubs helps get rid of dead cells and speeds up skin rejuvenation. But, regular use of these can deprive the skin of its protective layer, resulting in damage. 

3. You might be skipping the remover.

Do you just wash your face without using a makeup remover? This might be a problem because washing may leave behind particles that can clog pores, cause acne and oily skin. 

4. You might be over-exfoliating. 

You want to buff up your skin, clean it properly and remove all that gunk. It feels good initially but slowly and steadily you strip off that top skin layer which is actually a protective barrier. Once it is removed, your skin is exposed to environmental toxins and sun damage, causing ageing. So, first off, buy a good face scrub with soft beads and not those abrasive ones and use it to exfoliate two to three times a week.  

5. Falling Into Bed With Your Makeup On.

Once or twice it is okay but it is a crime to your skin if you have been sleeping with your make-up on. This cannot become a habit! Why do we ask you to do that? Well, makeup clogs our pores and eventually, they become larger. Once your collagen levels decline, the pores will not get back to what they were initially.

6. Don’t cover up with powder.

During the summers, there is a constant oily shine on the face, and you might resort to using powder to cover it up. This results in clogging of pores that will spell trouble. Instead, opt for wet wipes that help get rid of the oil. 

7. Don’t skip the sunscreen.

Using the right SPF product is vital to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Don’t skip the SPF even during cloudy days or winters because UV light is present all year round and can cause significant damage to your skin.

Did you know that most of the UV ray exposure reaches from routine activities such as:

  • Sitting near a window at home or the office
  • Driving or riding in a car or bike
  • Walking outside on a cloudy winter day

All of these situations can develop your possibility of overexposure to UV rays. To raise your chances of limiting wrinkles, wear sunscreen every day of the year, indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. 

8. Using the same skincare routine in your 40s that you used in your 20s.

Your skin changes as you grow older, which implies your skincare routine should evolve with it. More youthful skin points to be oilier than the old skin. The scrubs we applied in our 20s will only serve against us in our 40s. 

As skin grows old, it converts into thinner and dryer. It’s necessary to steer clear of the harder astringents, which may cause extreme dryness and early wrinkles. Alternatively, view for cleansers with a mild exfoliant and moisturiser. Make sure to readjust your skincare regime to fit your age. 

9. Using low cost or discount razors.

Men, every razor are not designed alike. Razors, by purpose, scrape the skin as they take hair and lift them up to be cut. This scraping and dragging can, beyond time, make your skin to become overly irritable, dry, blemished, and untimely aged.

Be sure the razors you use are of the right quality to provide a closer shave without aggravating your skin.

10. Not moisturising immediately after cleansing.

There’s a 60-second process at play here. After cleaning your skin, make sure to quickly use an alcohol-free toner and moisturiser within the initial minute.

Exposed skin is predisposed to dehydration. The air absorbs the moisture out of your pores, and dry skin has a high chance of untimely ageing. Finish your regimen immediately to avoid dry, itchy skin. 

Avoid these mistakes for damage-free skin, and with a regular skincare routine, you have that blemish-free skin you dream of.

Eating A Bad Diet

How does a bad diet count to damaged skin?

Yes Yes, we all are blameworthy of this. But have you ever realised how our parents and grandparents are healthier than any of us? What we can do is start eating healthy salads. Add bell pepper to your salad and yes green leafy vegetables are a necessity. Your salad should be colourful, and that is when it will have all the nutrients.

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