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Prepare for an Easier Menstrual Cycle

Dr Spurthi S Magdum

Dr Spurthi S Magdum

  Aecs layout brookefield, Bengaluru     May 12, 2017

   2 min     


As a result of different kinds of side effects & the inclusion of such a variety of sub-doshas, it is always great to see an Ayurvedic doctor who can tailor a program to your particular needs. Though, the experts presents some broad directions which each lady can gain from.

  • Keep your body without ama, is the first proposal: Ama comes about due to inappropriate eating regimen, poor digestion & ineffective disposal. To dispose of toxins from your eating routine, maintain a distance from stimulants, for example - liquor, cigarettes & espresso. Avoid fast food, additives & leftover food. Eat lot of different vegetables, fruits, milk products – cheese, lassi etc., grains, lentils etc. These nutritious & fresh foods won't just keep your body cleaner yet will be less demanding on your digestive system.
  • Relax during your menses: When you help your body in cleansing itself, the procedure will be smoother & more agreeable. Attempt to rest for no less than one day. You most likely would not feel like doing anything in any case. Attempt to keep away from things that make you feel stressed or sad.  Do anything you appreciate. Consume light, warm & ideally liquid foods that help soothe Vata. Your digestive fire is weaker while periods, so make an effort not to stress it. Do not do hard exercises than a short walk. Avoid every day massage at the times of your menses.
  • Get ready for next month: A stable routine throughout the whole month will compensate you with less inconvenience. Adhere to a steady daily schedule, including going to bed on time & getting up early in the morning. Consume your meals at fixed time each day. Daily exercise improves digestion & circulation. It is fundamental for the cleansing procedure. Practice profound & simple relaxing breathing exercises for an increase in energy. Begin the day with a full body massage. Focus on your disposal. In the event that you don't have a proper discharge each day, incorporate cooked prunes & figs in your eating regimen. Cook them with a stewed apple each morning. Eat papaya, pomegranate & pineapple to adjust hormones and open up the channels of the physiology. Decrease the consumption of eggplant, banana, tomato, beans & bell pepper in your eating regimen, since they obstruct the micro-circulatory channels of the body.
  • Get benefited from the power of herbals: You can take  tablets regularly for hormonal balance & proper menses. There are Ayurveda   tablets every day to clean & aid the genitourinary tract. To help evacuation & unblock the channels of Apana Vata. In case you encounter mood swings or anger, Ayurveda tablets that can balance your Sadhaka Pitta. In case you are under any mental anxiety or your stress immunity is low,Ayurveda will be of help.

Medications to be taken under the supervision of registered practitioners only.

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