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Physiotherapy and Fibromyalgia

Dr Ankita Bhatia

Dr Ankita Bhatia

  Tilakwadi, Belagavi     Feb 16, 2018

   1 min     


A condition that is yet to have a cure, Fibromyalgia is a disease that affects muscles, bones and tissues causing widespread, chronic pain and fatigue. Although there is no remedy for the disease, physical therapy can be very helpful in easing the symptoms.

How does Physio help?

When performed by a certified therapist, physical therapy can be very beneficial. The therapist will have a background in the study of movements which will be very helpful in providing Fibromyalgia patients relief. The therapy aims to reduce the stiffness, fatigue and alleviate the pain endured by the patients.

Physiotherapy involves specific exercises, hydrotherapy like hot and cold packs and deep tissue massages to enable the patient to improve their range of motion, capability to move muscles and joints and increase their overall flexibility.

Why physiotherapy for fibromyalgia?

Regular practice under the guidance of a certified practitioner helps patients regain their control and helps them focus on their lifestyle rather than the pain and fatigue. These sessions improve posture, muscle functions and reduces fatigue and pain. These session are all personalised according to individual needs and uses slow and specific stretches to improve muscle flexibility and relaxation.  

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