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Physiotherapy and Calf Muscle Injury Treatment

Dr Mahesh G (pt)

Dr Mahesh G (pt)

  Btm layout, Bengaluru     Jan 30, 2019

   2 min     


When your calf muscle tears or gets pulled, the pain caused is indescribable. It is not a cause of worry since it can happen to anyone and doesn’t imply that your legs are weak or that you are incapable of pushing yourself more.

A pull happens when there is a strain within the two muscles present in the lower back of your leg (that make up your calf), and when the strain is severe, then the muscle fibers are torn to some degree. These muscles are called the gastrocnemius and soleus.

A calf muscle injuries can occur when you overstretch, or when you are involved in some physical activities like running, jogging, playing cricket, etc. There are many treatments for calf muscle injuries and one such effective one is physiotherapy.

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty performed by physical therapists or physiotherapists. Here, mechanical force and movements are used to promote mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, prognosis, diagnosis and physical intervention. 

Physical Therapy Management for Calf Muscle Injury:

Physiotherapy treatment for calf muscle tear varies depending on the grade of injury. The grades are classified as:

Grade 1:

The calf muscle tear is due to a mild overstretching. It results in some small micro tears in the calf muscle fibers and recovery will not take more than one to two weeks if you choose the right physiotherapist. 

Grade 2:

The calf muscle tear is due to a partial tear in your muscle fibers. Even with proper rehabilitation, recovery takes several weeks.  Your physiotherapist should guide you when you indulge yourself in any high-speed sport.

Grade 3:

It is a severe calf muscle tear. It may result in complete tearing or rupture of your calf muscle fibers where full recovery can take several months. In such a case an orthopedic surgeon’s opinion is recommended along with your physiotherapist.

But generally, once the physiotherapist suspects a calf injury, he/she may start with soft tissue techniques like massage and dry needling for aligning the scar tissue formed during the healing process. Eventually, he/she incorporates gentle strengthening and stretching drills for further progress. Once the development is noted your physiotherapist will suggest you a rehabilitation programme which is personalized as per your need which includes a specific sport or physical activities that your body need to return to your healthy self.

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