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Paalna .... Ek Sapna!!

Dr. Monica Sachdeva

Dr. Monica Sachdeva

  Swaroop nagar, Kanpur     Jul 26, 2019

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In the month of July long back in 1978, the first IVF baby was born ... Lousie Brown. So best month to initiate talks about IVF, the emotional journey of infertile couple leading to beautiful destination called Parenthood.

Women are courageous and patient human being, that we all know but definitely those women who are fighting the battle against infertility deserve a Big Salute.

Infertility is a Taboo in Indian society. Women from every strata suffer from dejection and hatred if they are infertile. Their courage is worth appreciating which they show while fighting with society, low self-esteem and the treatment process.

IVF came and things started getting better for society is also welcoming to various treatment options. This is an era of women empowerment......achieving motherhood is important to gain self-esteem and feel complete.

Today's women are shedding their inhibitions and are openly discussing their fertility issues. Even if problem is in the spouse they come out and discuss. As a result ,parenthood is a possible dream now.

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