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Meditation Tips for Sahaja Yoga

Miss Rajshree  Singhal-Rooftop Yoga

Miss Rajshree Singhal-Rooftop Yoga

  Koramangala,      May 15, 2019

   1 min     


Meditate Everyday

Practicing meditation regularly can help you do your work better and faster. It is okay if you miss meditation in the morning but be flexible with your time and be sure that you have 10-15 minutes daily for meditation.

Peaceful morning meditation

Get up early in the morning and meditate for 10-15 minutes as it is easy to go into thoughtlessness and feel the vibrations in the morning.

Place and position to mediate

Sit in a relaxed position in a quiet and comfortable place.

Don’t fight with thoughts

When you sit for meditation, put your all attention on the top of the head and then watch yourself in complete silence.

Don’t try to concentrate on objects

Meditation is about letting go and surrendering to the inner silence. It is not about concentrating, focusing, and visualizing not trying to stop your thoughts.

Learn to communicate with your Kundalini

During meditation try to talk to your Kundalini, softly ask her to rise within and connect you and give thoughtless awareness. As Kundalini rises, you will become self-aware start seeing reflections of your chakras on your fingertips.

Meditate with others

Kundalini works much more effectively in the company of other practitioners. You grow fastest when you meditate with others.

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