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Is teething in infants connected to loose stools?

Dr. Santosh. K

Dr. Santosh. K

  C v raman nagar, Bengaluru     Apr 3, 2019

   2 min     


Teething is a natural process in infants where the first teeth (often called “baby teeth” or “milk teeth”) start appearing. The teeth emerging through the gums (in pairs) can cause immense pain that can be very uncomfortable for the growing infant.

The symptoms of teething in babies are bright red cheek, constant crying, screams, and anger. But is teething connected to loose stools or diarrhea too? Let’s find out.

How is it connected?

It is a myth that many parents believe that the excessive production of saliva causes diarrhea in infants during teething. The composition of saliva is said to be responsible for the gastrointestinal problems during teething.

Well, let’s rebuke the myth. Saliva has no role to play when it comes to diarrhea while teething.

The main reason for diarrhea is your child putting anything and everything they get in their mouth to ease their pain or discomfort from the budding teeth/tooth. This makes the children prone to pick up bacteria that causes a gastrointestinal problem and hence results in diarrhea.

What is the solution for it?

The first and the foremost solution to this problem is to clean/sterilize the place and things around your baby. Especially clean/sterilize the toys and pacifier that they keep sucking and playing with.

Another thing to remember is that you should hydrate your baby when he/she is having diarrhea since dehydration is fatal for their health.

If diarrhea doesn’t stop then, we suggest you take your baby to see a doctor immediately. You can even find one here in Medikoe.

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