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Is Pink Eye a Symptom of COVID-19?

Medikoe Wellness Expert

Medikoe Wellness Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Jul 14, 2021

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It is thought that up to 3 per cent of people with COVID-19 unravel ophthalmological symptoms (symptoms concerning the eyes).

In contrast, the CDC estimates that 83-99 per cent of people exhibit a fever, and 59-82 per cent of people encounter a cough.

COVID-19 and pink eye

The novel coronavirus behind the pandemic induces a respiratory illness known as COVID-19. Its most typical symptoms include coughing, fever, and breathing problems. Unusually, it also can lead to an eye infection known as conjunctivitis. 

As per the data so far, doctors conclude that 1% to 3% of people contracted with COVID-19 will get pinkeye, also known as conjunctivitis. It occurs when the virus contaminates a tissue known as the conjunctiva, which covers the white section of your eye or the in your eyelids. Symptoms involve if your eyes are:

  • Itchy

  • Swollen

  • Red

In case you have pink eye, it does not certainly mean you have COVID-19. The more possible causes are the several different bacteria, viruses, allergens and chemicals that can irritate your eyes.

Several forms of conjunctivitis go off with over-the-counter medications or treatments in about 1-2 weeks.

However, in case you also have shortness of breath, cough or fever, consult your doctor what, in case of anything, you have to do. Call before you head to a medical centre or hospital to understand if it is safe for you to visit and for any guidance for your arrival.

How does the virus get into your eyes?

The virus invades human cells by duping cells into thinking that it is ACE2. ACE2 is extensively found in spots throughout your body, including your kidney, intestines, lungs and heart. ACE2 has also been identified in the thin tissue that lines your eye and the human retina.

The virus can connect to a cell at a specific spot, known as a receptor, where ACE2 fits precisely. The virus mimics the shape of the ACE2 enzyme well enough that the cell enables the virus to enter it, the same as it would the enzyme.

Once entered into the cell, this virus is protected and can regenerate until it bursts the cell. Copies of the virus find new cells to invade, repeating the process. When the virus arrives in your eyes, it can cause pink eye or other eye symptoms.

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