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Importance of Diagnostic Centers

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 7, 2018

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Purpose of diagnostic tests:

Everyone goes through the IVD or In vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests at least one’s in a life time. But most of the times people do not know what are they taking the tests for and how are they going to benefit from the tests.

A sample of the person’s stool, urine or blood is taken in order to perform the tests. This test helps to know if the person has any particular condition, biomarker or any genetic predisposition. These tests are performed in the well-equipped surroundings away from the patient in clinical laboratories.

At every step the process of diagnosing, monitoring, screening and prognosis plays a very important role as they help to detect if the patient is suffering from any specific disease. This diagnostic  results help the physician or specialist treating the patient to give an opinion about his diagnosis and the treatment and course of treatment can be decided upon.

The test will not only enable the doctor to treat the patient, but help him know how intense the nature of the disease is, the time it will approximately take and degree of improvement or development of the disease.

Monitoring is to see if there is a control over the condition like in diabetes, or if any changes required in the diet or medication of the patient and the level of improvement.

Screening is generally done to study  when there is a possibility, but no specific signs or symptoms to identify a disease or condition, and if so then the patient can be put on medication accordingly. This applies to a larger scale of population and hence these tests  ought to be made less expensive and simpler.

Prognosis helps to know if the patient has any possibility of developing any kind of diseases and the test will help to help the patient and doctor to keep a track of any signs and symptoms which could be fatal in the future and can be treated way before.

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