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How long should you Boil Water to make it safe for Drinking?

Dr. Naresh Kumar Gupta Clinic

Dr. Naresh Kumar Gupta Clinic

  Model town lii, Delhi     Apr 12, 2019

   1 min     


There is no doubt that boiling water is safe to drink as the high temperature kills all the bacteria in h water which can make you sick. However, do you know how long do you need to boil water to make it safe for drinking?

As you may know that boiling temperature decreases with altitude at roughly one degree per 50 feet.  So, according to CDC, you should boil water vigorously for 1 minute up to elevations of 2000 meters and 3 minutes at elevations higher than that.

According to the CDC, few of the water treatment methods are 100 percent effective in removing all pathogens except boiling water. There are two types of threats in drinking water:

Organic contamination: Boiling water kills protozoa, bacteria, viruses, so they don’t cause you any harm.

Toxic contamination: Contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, pollution, and chemical spills cannot be removed by just boiling water. It needs proper filtration.

For people who travel a lot, there is a product called as lifestraw personal water filter which can filter up to 1000 liters of water without chemicals. It works on the principle of the ceramic filter which doesn’t allow pathogens to pass through the microscopic holes.

There is one more product called katadyn pocket water microfilter which weighs 550 grams and filters 50,000 liters. It filters one liter per minute.

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