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How does yoga help Cancer patients during their fight?

Latha Raman Sivashakti Yoga Bangalore

Latha Raman Sivashakti Yoga Bangalore

  Bellandur, Bengaluru     Jan 10, 2018

   1 min     


Yoga is often referred to as a life safer amongst cancer patients and survivors because of its healing and rejuvenating powers. Cancer treatments like chemotherapy leave the patients drained of energy and they get so sick of the treatment that they want to give up.

If becoming a victim to this disease wasn’t enough, the treatments bring in further difficulties and discomfort. Treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation creates many physical battles to endure along with nausea and weakness.

Yoga therapy for cancer patients helps them overcome these side effects and strengthens their body to help them combat the struggle.

How does yoga relieve the patients?

Yoga has shown to improve the recovery rates of patients as it eliminates stress and anxiety. This boosts the natural immune system of the body and additionally, yoga helps in clearing out all the toxins accumulated because of the treatment.

Deep breathing exercises and asanas strengthen the muscles and improve blood flow to all parts of the body. Oxygen-rich blood supply helps tired cells by providing vital nutrients and revitalizes the body.

Yoga also provides the necessary exercise for the entire body to help in maintaining body balance and fitness, which is very important.

Most importantly, yoga provides that sense of calm within for patients as well as survivors, which is a necessity to endure such a disease. It gives them a true healthy feeling inside which not only helps them recover but has positive effects on other walks of their life as well.


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