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How are diseases diagnosed in Ayurveda?

Dr Pardeep Kumar Vashisth

Dr Pardeep Kumar Vashisth

  Gurgaon, Gurgaon     Mar 6, 2019

   1 min     


According to Ayurveda, a health issue is caused by the imbalance in an individual’s doshas. Therefore, the disease is diagnosed by understanding which dosha is causing the health problem.

In Ayurveda diseases are diagnosed by two main procedures:

Vikriti Pariksha

It aims to determine the imbalance or disease in a person. It is done by physically examining the patient to diagnose the disease entity. The primary mode of physical inspection is palpation, percussion, and interrogation.

How does it work?

In Vikriti Pariksha, the expert tries to understand where the dosha is coming from or moving to, its pathway and whether if it is mixed with mala (waste) or ama (non-digested food).

Vikriti Pariksha or Diagnosis consists of three steps:

1. Prashnana (Questioning)

2. Darshana (Observation)

3. Sparshana (Touching)

One of the many diagnostic and successful procedure used in Vikriti Pariksha is Naadi Pariksha. It is a straightforward procedure where the pulse (rhythm, strength, speed, quality) of the patient is examined to diagnose the disease.

Prakriti Pariksha

It aims to determine the constitution or birth type of an individual. It is done by determining the strength and physical status of the patient for learning the kind of management required.

Different medication is prescribed to different individuals even if the disease is the same. This is because every individual is unique. Here, an individual’s constituent is understood to understand the ongoing disease and its medication.

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