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Homeopathic remedies for cough

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

Dr Sheetal Bhatia

  Domlur, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   2 min     


It can be quite harrowing to see your child suffering from a rattling cough. You may not want to give medicines to your kid in fear of side-effects. Have you ever given homeopathy treatment a thought to alleviate the symptoms? Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that seeks to treat the whole person.

Homeopathy is a simple and inexpensive way to treat various common illnesses in children. A cough, being one of the most frequently occurring problems in children can be managed efficiently with homeopathic medicines.

Let’s look at some of the homeopathic medicines that are used for kids suffering with cough.


If the child has a loud and rattling cough, with an inability to clear the mucus from the chest, this medicine is prescribed. Children feel drowsy, weak, and feeble. They experience difficulty in breathing, which makes them to sit up rather than lie down. Apart from breathing difficulties, anxiousness, irritability and restlessness also accompany the sickness. Concurrent with these breathing difficulties are anxiousness, restlessness, and irritability.


The child may suddenly get a high fever around afternoon. They have a bright red face ad rest of the body is extremely cold. The child will have a dry cough with laryngitis, enlarged pupils and painful headache. The children generally feel restless, drowsy and experience wild dreams. In such a scenario, consider belladonna to tame the fever, cough and headache.


Bryonia is prescribed when the common cold begins with a nasal discharge and then eventually moves down to the chest. The cough is dry and gets worse with motion or breathing in. Children hold their chest while breathing in to limit the movement in the chest. Warm rooms and eating aggravates the cough. At times, the cough is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting.


Episodes of persistent, dry and barking cough are characteristics of children who need this remedy. The cough could cause a tickling (like a crumb is stuck in the throat) and is accompanied by choking, cold sweats, nosebleeds and vomiting. Lying down makes the cough worse. During night, the children become very chilly and sweat profusely. They may also develop a deep, husky and hoarse voice.


Arsenicum stops cold in the early stages – such as sneezing from a change in the weather. The cold begins in the nose and moves down to the throat. The child is restless, anxiety and thirsty for small sips of water. There is a burning like feeling in the throat that improves by sipping on warm drinks. Vomiting and diarrhoea can also accompany the cold symptoms.

Homeopathy medicines are safe and effective to treat cold and other related symptoms in children. Dosage generally includes one or two pellets of sugar pills that can be chewed or dissolved in water.

Do not self-prescribe medications to your kid and always consult a pediatrician for a diagnosis.

Homeopathy has a number of remedies depending on the condition and symptoms. However, if a cough is chronic, it could be a cause of an underlying respiratory infection that would require a proper medical attention.

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