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Home remedies for period pain

Dr Chaitra Hegde

Dr Chaitra Hegde

  New thippasandra, Bengaluru     Feb 17, 2018

   1 min     


Cramping, back pain and heavy bleeding, that time of the month is definitely a tough task. Try these home remedies to ease your period pains and cramps.

  • Sesame oil: Traditionally used in the Ayurvedic Abhyanga treatment. Sesame oil contains linoleic acid which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that bring relief when massaged on the lower abdomen during menstruation.
  • Fenugreek: Soak up some seeds in water overnight and drink it up for reduced pain during periods.
  • Heat packs: Using heating pads or a simple hot water bottle can be extremely comforting. Place the bottle on your lower abdomen and the heat helps relax the uterus muscles. Even sipping on warm fluids and taking a nice warm bath helps you feel more relaxed.
  • Tea: Sipping on some tea containing dried ginger and black pepper helps reduce period pain. Make it a herbal tea, add some sugar for taste but skip the milk.
  • Cumin seeds: Munch on a handful or prepare a herbal tea made of cumin seeds to reduce period pains as it has a relaxing effects and its anti-spasmodic properties get rid of cramps as well.
  • Lemons: Lemon juice has an alkalizing effect which keeps you hydrated.  
  • Exercise: Practicing some form of physical exercises, yoga and breathing techniques like pranayama helps in de-stressing, relaxes the body and releases feel good hormones called endorphins.
  • Diet: Eat a high fibre diet and include leafy greens and fresh fruits to provide the body with essentials which help prevent fatigue and mood swings. 


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