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Home Remedies For Leucorrhea

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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t is a common problem of vaginal discharge in women which causes the inflammation, irritation, and redness of genital parts. It is a thick whitish discharge from the vagina and almost all women would get this during the reproductive cycle. Although it is white in color, for some women it may be yellow or greenish yellow. In rare cases, it began before the first menstrual cycle of a girl. In Sanskrit, it is named as ‘Shwetapradara’ which means white discharge. The discharge could be smooth flow, or sticky and lumpy.

It is quite healthy and normal phenomenon in females to an extent. It is actually a fluid form of all the worn out and dead cells in the vaginal tract, along with the toxic materials that are eliminated continuously from the vagina. If the discharge is darker in color, then it requires medication.

The following are the conditions when leucorrhea needs to be treated:

  • The discharge is profuse and difficult to stop and is difficult to stop even with sanitary pads.
  • The discharge is not pure white, but it is yellow, green, brown or rusty in color.
  • There is an itching sensation in the vagina following the discharge.
  • Causes of Leucorrhea
  • Fungal Infection: A fungus, much like the yeast, can cause infection of the vaginal tract, leading to leucorrhea.
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease: A sexually transmitted disease called trichomoniasis can cause leucorrhea.
  • Unhygienic Toilet Habits.
  • Cervical Problems: Cervical erosion and the cervical polyp can cause leucorrhea.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
  • Stress and Tensions.


A woman who has increased whitish discharge will experience weakness and lethargy. It is seen as thick and sticky white colored discharge from the vagina between the periods. It can also be accompanied by a headache for some women. Due to frequent discharge, there may be a pain in the calf muscle and in the lumbar region.

Home Remedies:

  • You can apply yogurt on the vagina to control itching and white discharge. Make a paste of mango pulp and apply on the genitals to get relief.
  • Drink the water residue which is used for the preparation of white rice which is the best remedy to treat white discharge because of heat.
  • Drink the decoction of fenugreek seeds boiled and cooled in one liter of water. Likewise, decoction of walnut tree leaves or coriander seeds is effective.
  • Lady’s finger has various useful minerals which are beneficial in Leucorrhoea. Take about 100 gm of lady s finger and add a liter of water to it. Boil this for at least 20 minutes to make an infusion. After it cools, sweeten the drink and take it daily as frequently as possible, till the symptoms are gone.
  • Steep guava leaves in water and simmers for about 30 minutes. Strain it and use twice daily, as a douche over the vaginal area till the symptoms disappear.
  • Mix turmeric powder with garlic and eat. This is very effective in a condition where the white discharge is dense and itchy.
  • Fasting is an essential part of the holistic treatment of Leucorrhoea. Fasting unclogs the lymph and helps in deep cleansing and total detoxification.
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