{"status":300,"success":true,"article":{"company_name":"Dr. Mini Nair","company_url":"Dr.-Mini-Nair","articleId":3210,"id":3210,"creator_id":53567,"title":"Can Ayurveda treat weak eyesight?","content":"<\/title><\/head><body><p>Eyes are the reflection of our overall health. The eye weakness can be attributed to many reasons. After the age related weakness the most common reason is eye strain. Our eye muscles get strained when we look at objects like computer, mobiles, reading books or even the laptops continuously for a very long period of time. That means an intense and continuous focusing actually weakens our eye muscles. So we need to be careful and take care of precautions when we have to do certain jobs professionally involving lot of constant gazing at objects. In these days in some younger age groups we see vitamin A deficiency leading to weakness of the yes and certain refractive errors like the hypermetropia the myopia or even infection of the eyes can lead to the weakness of the eye muscles leading to weak eyesight.<\/p><p> In older age groups certain complaints like cataract, glaucoma and certain other degenerative issues can lead to weakness in the eye sight. So the usual complaints that we come across are the blurring of vision. Dry or watery eyes and even inability to focus, headache, pain in the shoulder. The management as per ayurveda is to exercise. You need to learn and practice certain exercises which are aimed at strengthening the eye muscles. The next preventive aspect of it is you can start doing yoga. In yoga pranayama and certain guided exercises can help you prevent eye strain and then continue to have a good eye sight. In oral medications triphala which is a combination of three fruits, the amalakhi, bibhitaki and the harithakhi. This combination either in the form of tablet or it can be powdered and used with honey or ghee and then taken orally helps in improving the eye strength or even triphala can be made in the form of kashayam and used for washing eyes. Washing eyes has to be done with cold water. Application of oil on the scalp or the feet helps in improving the eye sight. The next medicine advised is eshtimadhu or the liquorice. Eshtimadhu with honey or ghee is very useful. <\/p><p>When there is vitamin A deficiency certain vegetables like green leafy vegetables, carrots, bell pepper, lettuce, dried apricots, oranges and if you are a non vegetarian fish and liver also helps in improving the strength for the eye muscles. There are various medicines and treatments that we advise both as preventive as well as curative. That can include aschothana or the eye wash. For that triphala kashayam is used regularly. This helps in clearing the eyes as well as strengthening the eye muscles. Next medicated treatment what we use is the nethratharpanam where in a barrier is built around the sockets and then medicated ghee like the mahatriphalagritham, the jeevanthyathigritham these are maintained for a stipulated amount of time. There is another treatment called as kuttappakka where in medicinal extracts prepared in a very stimulated therapeutic manner when applied on the eye lids is very good in the puffiness of the eye lids and strengthening the eye muscles. Nasyakarma is another treatment which we do very regularly that helps in improving not only the eyes but also all the sense organs and all the diseases above the clavicle. So this way when you are using your eyes for a longer period of time, the ayurvedic treatments and the lifestyle management to prevent as well as cure the weakness of the eyes.<\/p><\/body><\/html>","created_at":"2017-06-03 00:27:53","updated_at":"2019-01-19 17:20:43","topic":"Ayurveda, eye, Eye Care, Ophthalmology, ","url":"can-ayurveda-treat-weak-eyesight-3210","status":0,"view_count":165,"old_url":null}}