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Healthy Tips for Monsoons

Dr. Dayanand Suryavamshi

Dr. Dayanand Suryavamshi

  C v raman nagar, Bengaluru     Aug 23, 2017

   3 min     


Monsoon brings back with itself the time to relax and be venturesome. The cloudy sky, the downpour and lush greenery all around makes the season a beautiful time to relish and get solace from the severe and sweaty summers. But in spite the goodness of monsoon, there are certain contraindication also accompanying this season. Many people get sick during the monsoon as the m and unpleasant conditions give the insects and unhealthful micro-organisms a good opportunity to multiply and spread diseases like malaria, dengue, typhoid, viral fever, conjunctivitis, common cold and flu, pneumonia and gastro-intestinal disruption like dysentery and diarrhea. As a student or a working citizen, there is no get away from moving in the rain or bulky muck, but then you must safeguard yourself from getting sick.

Once the rainstorm starts, the beginning reaction is to run to a sheltered area and wait until the shower calms. You may be safe from getting totally soaked but the risk of falling sick is still high. If your immune system is weak, you may immediately catch a cold after being exposed to the cool breeze that often follows rain showers. You should follow specific antidotes to keep yourself healthy during the rainy season.

Here are some tips which you may try:

 Take your rain wear or umbrella while moving out of the house so that you may safeguard yourself from the unexpected rain fall and avoid getting drenched.

 Eat a healthy diet comprising lot of fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables so that your body has a good supply of all defensive nutrients like vitamin A, C, E, and B-complex and other minerals and antioxidants.

  Guzzle a pot of hot vegetable soup or a cup of freshly made green tea as the temperature will give warmth and the constituents will enhance your immunity.

 Drink lots of water as water aids in cleansing out the toxins from our body. But make sure that the water is unadulterated and fresh to drink. Take a bottle of water when stepping out.

 Exercise to sweat out the signs of cold or flu before it grows into a full developed fever as physical activity makes our immunity stronger by triggering the blood flow.

 Circumvent eating raw foods during monsoon. Wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly before consuming. Circumvent eating outdoors specially from the road side stalls.

 Smoking weakens our immunity; avoid smoking as much as you can as and also the respiratory system making us more liable to catch common cold and flu.

 Avoid consuming alcohol as it also diminishes our immunity.

 Avoid patting your face after touching any surface or after getting wet as the hands may nurture germs which may get entry in to the body through facial path.

 Every time you get wet in the rain, remember to take bath or after coming back to home as taking a bath helps in stabilizing our body temperature.

 Remember to wash your hands, feet and face every time you go outside and before eating any food as it will reduce the possibilities of getting infected.

 Keep disinfectant liquids available and use for washing off muck or dirt that generally gets sprays around.

 Do not let children to play near still water or water filled pools.

 Keep a check to see there is no still water in your house and surroundings especially water coolers and empty flower pots in the garden to keep mosquito from breeding.

Avoid staying anywhere with wet walls if you are suffering from asthma or diabetes. It encourages the growth of fungus and can be especially dangerous.

 Drink lots of soothing herbal supplements, especially those with antibacterial effects such as ginger, holy basil leaves, pepper and honey.

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Dr. Dayanand Suryavamshi
Dr. Dayanand Suryavamshi |  August 24th, 2017

Add Protein to Your Diet. Eat Whole, Single-Ingredient Foods. Avoid Processed Foods. Stock Up on Healthy Foods and Snacks and discard any tempting junk food that you have stocked at home or work place. Limit Your Intake of Added Sugar. Drink Water. Drink (Unsweetened) Coffee.

Abhi Muktheeswarar
Abhi Muktheeswarar |  August 23rd, 2017

Do sit-ups 565 times

supraja 565
supraja 565 |  August 23rd, 2017

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