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Healthy Summer Drinks



  Koramangala, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Sep 18, 2017

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There are many summer related medical issues that many people experience like lack of hydration, heartburn, indigestion, heat stroke, cerebral pains & prickly heat. So following are few healthy drinks that you can have to cut down the heat & prevent yourself with these problems:

Summer Fruit Juices & Drinks:

  • Coconut water:

The heat in summers can cause lack of hydration in you & deplete you. Yet, coconut water is beneficial for you to cut the heat as it contains electrolytes which are important for proper working of the cells. Electrolytes have to be balanced in the body to carry the electrical impulses from various organs to the cerebrum or brain.

  • Nimbu paani or Lemonade:

Lemon water is helpful in controlling blood pressure & preventing you from nausea & faintness. Nimbu paani likewise helps in flushing out the toxins from the body & is crucial for cleansing the blood. Other than this, lemonade avoids summer related health issues like acid reflux or indigestion & furthermore decreases respiratory issues.

  • Aam panna:

  • Aam panna is a popular summer drink which is made with green raw mangoes. It tastes yummy which it is served chilled. This chatpata, sweet & sour drink is amazing for managing a heat stroke & heat fatigue. It additionally diminishes one's danger of gastro-intestinal issues & is awesome for recharging vitamins & minerals in the body.

  • Sol kadhi:

Sol kadhi is a complete & an excellent summer drink which is probiotic & cools down your body. It is likewise valuable for purifying the body & enhancing digestion. This drink is a famous konkan or Maharashtrian drink, which is made from aamsol or kokum & ought to be served after having your meal.

Butter Milk or Lassi:

There is a huge growth of bacteria or microscopic organisms in summer & lassi is a powerful drink to battle those micro-organisms. This probiotic summer drink is useful for cooling down the body & soothing the digestive system.

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