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  Kalyan nagar, Bengaluru     Jan 2, 2018

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Hamstring strains are very common especially among athletes. It is very painful and is very sudden. The hamstring is actually three muscles that run along the back of the thigh that make it possible for you to bend you knee. The hamstring strain or pull happens when one of these muscles get overloaded or tear due to excessive exertion.

Diagnosing a hamstring strain

Mild strains might not be very painful but severe ones can be agonisingly painful and could even make it hard for you to stand. You possibly have a strain if you experience sudden pain during an exercise or pain in your thighs and lower back while walking or straightening your leg. In more severe cases, it can even cause bruising and clotting.

You are more likely to have a strain if you over do something or don’t warm up before exercising. It could also be because your front thighs are tight or you have weak glutes.

Treating a hamstring strain 

In case of minor strains, it will heal over time on its own. You can fasten the healing by resting the leg, keeping an ice pack or using a bandage to compress the swelling. You can even do mild stretches to ease the pain and loosen up the muscles.

However, if the pain does not subside, go to the doctor and after a physical examination they might probably prescribe painkillers or strengthening exercises. If it is a severe strain where you have torn the muscle, surgery might be required to repair the muscles.

It is very important to let the leg rest and recover. It might take some time but it’s best to recover completely and not exert the hamstring and cause a tear. Once you feel the strained leg is as strong and free as your other leg, you can slowly return to your regular intensity of activity.

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