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General Everyday Fitness routines



  Jayanagar, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Your muscles have no idea that you are in a fancy gym or in your kitchen, as long as you are working them, they will get toned. By doing little exercises throughout the day wherever you can, in the kitchen, in your car, while you brush your teeth, or while you are sitting at your computer, you will keep the oxygen flowing and stretch and tone your muscles. You can burn up to 500 calories per day just by fidgeting. They take only one minute or less and they really do work. Fidget-sizes don’t replace your regular workouts, but when life gets too hectic, use these moves as a way to squeeze in a little extra fitness all day long.

Work those legs: Try doing leg lifts at your desk or squats while you brush your teeth at night.

Add some steps to your day: Whenever you can sneak in extra walking.

Tuck that tummy:  If you are relaxing in the living room in front of the TV, try lying on the floor or on a blanket and doing crunches.

Take a dip on the couch: Sit at the edge of the couch and place your palms down on each side of you. Move forward so that your body is off the couch, bend your elbows behind you, and lower your body toward the floor with your knees bent and feet together.

Stretch it out: Tension can build up in the neck and shoulders simply from sitting at your desk, and it gets even worse as the long work day drags on. Stretching encourages those tense muscles to relax and counteracts any tightness from poor posture and tired muscles.

Get firm on the phone: If you spend a lot of time on the phone then don’t just sit there, make it a workout by pretending to sit. Press your back flat against a wall and lower your body by bending your knees to a 45-90 degree angle. Hold the position for as long as you can.

Get lean while you clean: Carrying laundry upstairs, vacuuming, making your bed dusting, you can burn up to 400 calories an hour.

You gotta laugh: Good belly laugh really works the deeply embedded abdominal muscles in the core that help to support good posture and achieve a flat tum.

Calf raises: Stand near a desk or the wall so you can place your hand on that surface for balance if necessary. Raise your heels off the floor as high as possible, and then slowly lower back down to the floor. Repeat this 15 times.

The magic carpet ride: While sitting on the chair, cross your legs so your feet rest under your ankles. Next, put your hands on the chair’s armrests, engage your core, and lift the rest of your body a few inches off the chair. Hold the pose for 10 to 20 seconds, rest, and then repeat for a total of five times.

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Faisal Shaikh
Faisal Shaikh |  September 13th, 2017

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