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For all the skinny women trying to gain weight

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

   2 min     


We see that obesity is one of the reasons for everybody to be speaking about when we come to the size of a patient. In a similar way also the loss of weight or being very thin. When it comes to the weight gain, there are many ways of gaining weight. But when it comes to the healthy way of maintaining one’s body weight, there is a lot of care to be taken. So when somebody comes to us to gain weight, we have to look various factors like genetics or nutrition he or she is taking. So coming to a genetic factor, not much can be done about the patient weight, nothing much to be done. you can try and advise them to help them but it is actually difficult.

But when it comes to nutritional values, you should be able to understand why he is losing weight or why he is not able to gain weight. So we give a basic advice on what food the person has to take especially in females if there is a loss of weight, there are lot of implications from the physical point of view. It can be a lot of Vitamin losses like Vitamin D deficiency or loss of hair, or in some cases, basic infertility can also be affected. There can be other medical conditions like hyperthyroidism or other conditions like debilitating conditions which we need to look into. So we start with deworming the person. Sometime harboring some kind of worm infestation in the body also can lead to loss of weight in spite of indulging in good nutritional practices. So we start the programme the deworming the patient and giving advice on the nutritional values of food. Most of them take 3-course meals. 

We advise them to split the meals and take them. So it helps in easy digestion and assimilation of food, followed by what kind of food they need to be taking. So advise to take milk and milk products, butter, cheese, paneer. The breakfast should be good, nutritious, and also full. Ask them to take nuts like peanuts, almonds, pista. If they are non-vegetarian, then take egg, mutton soup. Mutton soup is found to be very effective. Soup in any form is easily digestible and the entire form is absorbed. There are other conditions like stress which can cause loss of weight. So you have to remain stress free, incorporate yoga , meditation. Inspite of all this, the patient will not gain weight. in that case, medicines plays a very important role. So you start with deworming and start with abhyamngam with banashwanadinakshkshadi thailam and rasayam has an important effect on the loss of weight. Rasayanam can be the chyawanaprasham or the brihatchalyadhigritham or the amrithaprashagritham, kooshmandarasayanam, certain rasayanams for the ladies called the shatavarigulam. All this plays a very important role and helps the person to regain the lost weight.

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