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Effects of Gadgets on Children

Medikoe Wellness Expert

Medikoe Wellness Expert

  80 feet road indira nagar, Bengaluru     Oct 13, 2017

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The whole world is filled with gadgets everywhere of all kinds- phones, watches, tablets! While adults are still comparatively new to the concept of ever-changing electronics, our children- on the other hand- have been used to it right from the beginning. Can children and electronic gadgets co-occur harmlessly, or is it harmful to their development in any kind? The judgment rests on the latter thought, yet so many parents seem to be oblivious to the fact when they expose their kids to the harmful effects of electronic gadgets.

Hampered Cognitive Development

Your baby’s brain develops at a rapid speed from the moment he is born. Research has revealed that overexposure to electronic gadgets can result in delayed cognitive development, attention deficits, and even impaired hearing. Therefore, from the point that your baby learns to utter his first words, the only one singing, reading nursery rhymes and songs, and talking to him should be you, and not some fictitious character on your phone, tablet or TV.

Builds Obsession, Leading to Agitation

What begins as a means to soothe your toddler by letting him away with the gadget to play, can quickly turn into an obsession for him. This obsession can moreover lead to prolonged temper tantrums and agitation if parents refuse to give these gadgets to the kids or take it away. If you don’t want a troubled toddler, you'd want to limit the extent of exposure to electronic gadgets, before your kids get over-attached to them.

Delays Physical Development

Toddlers and infants should be strolling around in their walkers, or playing with toys and blocks, instead of being fixated in front of the TV all the time! Lack of physical activity is meant to result in delayed physical development and even adolescent obesity, which is alarmingly increasing, given the great number of time kids spends on electronics and gadgets.

Restrains Social Relationships

When children and gadgets become inseparable, the fondness can stand in the middle of your kid bonding with friends and family of his age. If this keeps up, your five-year-old could grow up to become socially anxious or awkward, without any actual friends outside his electronic world.

Increases Risk of Obesity

About a third of all kids in our country are obese, which makes childhood obesity a leading health concern for most parents. It has been calculated that the average child spends more than seven hours in front of the television or browsing the Internet, and playing video games every day. It is thus enough evidence to prove that kids spend a good amount of their time in front of some kind of screen, rather than actively indulging in physical activities. Moreover, prolonged time spent in front of the television or a computer leads to increased snacking and eating habits which are not healthy. So, if, kids are stationary and mindlessly snacking instead of moving around, the chances of childhood obesity only increase. This is a risk to the child’s overall health.

Less Focus on Studies

The more your kids use gadgets, the more addicted they get. Parents around the world are concerned about the extent of time their children spend playing video games or watching television. These addictions work just like other addictions, acting as a major motivator for the kid, which is why the children find it very challenging to focus on studies in the juvenile years. Lots of screen time reduces the overall attention span of your kids, making it hard for them to focus on their studies.

Sense of Isolation

As prolonged screen time decreases overall social time, it also consequently increases the amount of time a child spends by himself. When a child gets involved in an electronic gadget, his complete focus is vested in that device. Naturally, he is not going to pay any attention to external motives. When you say yes to buy your child a new electronic device, you are unknowingly nurturing a kid who can be potentially socially isolated and anxious. This can develop his personality as he grows older, which should be a cause of concern.

Triggers Neck and Back Pain

Kids hardly pay any attention to their postures when using their phones or laptops- lost in their electronic world. Continuous engagement with gadgets can cause back pain and other muscle-related problems in kids. Poor sitting postures can trigger neck pain, which further results in sore neck muscles. Backaches and neck at a young age are quite harmful to kids as they tend to affect the posture of the kid for a lifetime, if not looked after and treated on time.

The strain on the Eyes

Electronic gadgets are one of the main cause of eye problems among kids. Over-usage of these devices results in dry eyes, causing multiple eye infections. It can also affect the vision itself. The blue light released by display screens prevents the release of melatonin, which is an important sleep-inducing hormone in humans. This leads to sleep impairment in children.

  • Watching the television from a distance is much more protected than staring at a gadget kept at a close distance to the eyes.

  • Too much contraction of eye muscles can make it tough for them to relax easily, which can cause pseudo-myopia.

  • Parents are urged to keep their children away from screens or gadgets, and not hand it over to them unless it is really important.

Radiation Exposure

Did you know that having wireless gadgets too close to the body can increase your kid’s exposure towards radiation? Wireless gadgets release radiation, which is absorbed by your child’s body at a rate that is higher compared to that in adults. This radiation exposure can be a cause for cancer and other health conditions. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you must try to limit the use of any gadget, and it will no longer be that harmful. Kids do not need the electronics to keep them busy when there is so much more that they can do at their age, after all, the younger generations managed to grow up just fine without the world of technology invading upon their territory. So why expose your child to gadgets for entertainment? Enable them to grow up normally, with building blocks and dolls, cricket bats and puzzles, footballs and books. They will be grateful that you did!

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