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Effect of Alcohol On Your Teeth

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Our teeth come across various edible items day and night. Where few of them can contribute to its wellbeing, others are there for a reverse effect. But do you give a second thought about when and how the condition of your teeth deteriorates? Or do you ever think about the ill-effect alcohol has on our teeth while you enjoy it? Well, no right! Alcohol is not just bad for your health but also your teeth. But the good news is it is possible to stop or reverse few of the dental condition that alcohol is responsible for.

How does it affect your teeth?
1. Dryness
Drinking hard liquor can dry out your mouth. Dry mouth causes bad breath, but this is not the only problem, it also increases the chance of cavities. How? Let us tell you. As we know, saliva keeps our teeth moist and also helps in eradicating plaque and bacteria from the tooth’s surface or oral space. Studies suggest that high consumption of alcohol (spirits) results in the dryness of the mouth and decreasing the quantity of saliva. This results in plaque formation and teeth/tooth decay.
Try to stay hydrated while you drink alcohol. You can also dilute your liquor while drinking alcohol.

2. Staining
Alcohol can easily stain your teeth. Chromogens (in food) attaches to the tooth enamel that’s been compromised by the acid in alcohol leading to yellow stained teeth.
Use a straw to drink alcoholic drinks to preserve that beautiful smile of yours.

3.  The high Sugar content
Sugar intake is directly related to tooth decay. How? Let us tell you. The bacteria thrive in the mouth with the sugar present there. Alcohol is high in sugar, therefore sipping on drinks high in sugar (alcohol in this case) gives the bacteria plenty of fuel to thrive.
Tips: Choose beverages that are lower in sugar.

What are the best alcoholic beverages to have?
A healthy alcoholic beverage is nothing but a dream, but if you are someone who can’t do without alcohol in your vacation, then some drinks are a better choice for you but in moderation. They are:

  • Gin and tonic – Since both are clear, the risk of teeth staining is less here. Unless you add a citrus wedge, it has a low acidity level.
  • Light beer – A light colored beer or a less concentrated beer has high water content and low acidity levels making it a suitable drink to consume.
  • Brut champagne - Brut champagne is low in sugar content (this specific type of champagne) which makes it an ideal drink to enjoy occasionally.

What are the other ways to protect your teeth?

Oral hygiene is essential not only to maintain a clean and healthy oral environment but to keep you away from heart issues and diabetes. Given below are some practices that can help you maintain good oral hygiene:

  • Use mouthwash daily since it helps in fighting bacteria and keeps your mouth fresh. Daily rinsing your mouth with salt water or mouthwash can also eliminate bad breath.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing is an essential practice without a doubt. Brushing your teeth using a fluoride toothpaste, once in the morning and then again at night after dinner keeps all your dental problems at bay.
  • Stay away from tobacco. Tobacco causes oral cancer and other oral complications hence it is always good to stay away from it.
  • Flossing once a day helps get rid of any particles stuck in between the tight portions of your teeth. It is advisable that you floss before brushing so that the fluoride can cover more surface area of the tooth.
  • Last but not the least, limit the consumption of beverages like sodas, alcohol, and coffee) because the phosphorous content in them depletes the calcium levels and causes discoloration of teeth, tooth decay, and other gum diseases.

Talk to your doctor for more information. You can even find one here on Medikoe. Find an experienced and certified healthcare specialist near you on Medikoe answer all your questions.

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Always your Friends
Always your Friends |  January 28th, 2018

water is best, drink the water 2 litter

Vijay kumar
Vijay kumar |  November 12th, 2017

very useful our body to drink water

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drink water more to stay hethy