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Edentulism or tooth loss- Why does it occur?

Dentistry Clinic

Dentistry Clinic

  Babusahabpalya, Bengaluru     Aug 1, 2018

   1 min     


Tooth loss is a normal process in kids as the milk teeth fall off and replaced by the permanent ones. But, if one is losing teeth for reasons other than this, it is either due to injury or disease. This condition of losing teeth is called edentulism.

It can be of two types

  • Loss of a few teeth is called partial edentulism
  • When all teeth are lost its called complete edentulism

What causes tooth loss? 

  • A poor oral hygiene routine contributes majorly towards tooth loss. Lack of regular brushing and flossing makes for bacterial growth that which results in cavities and gum diseases.
  • Cavities allow plaque build-up which weakens the teeth that eventually leads to tooth loss.
  • Gum diseases can affect the bones and tissues that support the teeth and as the infection progresses, it causes bad breath, bleeding and tooth loss.
  • A bad fall or habitual tooth grinding can also result in tooth wearing and tooth loss.
  • Poor eating habits, lack of nutrition and habits like smoking are all factors that lead to loss of teeth.
  • Chronic conditions like poorly managed diabetes or arthritis increase the chances of tooth loss.
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