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Does switching your shampoo every few months make your hair healthy?

Dr Sachith Abraham

Dr Sachith Abraham

  Koramangala, Bengaluru     Jan 12, 2019

   2 min     


If you are having a bad hair day and every morning you look at your hairbrush in dismay, then we have a solution for you. Believe it or not, but small things like switching your shampoo every few months can be the key to long, beautiful, lustrous hair.

Hair products like shampoos come with different formula, and believe it or not a change in the formula benefits your hair. Changing shampoos regularly (a few months) is a healthy hair tip that many hair stylists around the globe can vouch for.

Why should you change your shampoo?

The first thing that you notice in a girl is her hair and to be honest, at times you remember someone because of their hair. I often find myself addressing someone as, “oh! That girl with the straight hair” or “the girl with the Maggie curls.” Hair sometimes becomes the identity of an individual. Funny how that works!

Here are reasons stating why the switch is beneficial to your hair:

  • With the change in the weather, there should be a change in the shampoo too. This is because the change in heat and humidity can cause hair to frizz, so a smoothing product line can often be your best bet. Whereas in cold weather you hair becomes rough and dry, therefore you have to switch to a hydrating shampoo.
  • Your hair can have more than one problem like dandruff, oily hair, hair fall, etc. If you are suffering from more than one hair woe, then it is wise to change specialty shampoos that can address to the concern one at a time.
  • It is said that your hair often becomes immune to a particular product. Shampoos are used to clean your hair and scalp from dirt, dead cells, and sebum. They usually come with their byproducts which when used for an extended period of time results in product accumulation and hence, it stops working as efficiently as it used to. To avoid this, you have to change your shampoo once in a while. Yes, hair care can be tricky at times!

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