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Does Cancer Have A Cure?

Oncology India

Oncology India

  Jp nagar, Bengaluru     May 22, 2019

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Cancer is a disease that is not only sucking the life out of your bodies but out of your souls and minds. Cancer is a group of more than 100 different diseases and not all cancers have a cure.

What are the causes of cancer?

Cancer is caused by accumulated damage to genes. This may include exposure to the cancer-causing substance or environmental agents. Other causes of cancer include:

  • Lifestyle-related factors such as UV radiation, alcohol, tobacco, or some food-related elements like polyaromatic hydrocarbons and nitrites generated by barbecuing food.
  • Environmental exposures such as fine particulate matter, and radon and UV radiation
  • Internal or biological factors such as gender, age, skin type, or inherited genetic defects
  • Occupational risk factors such as carcinogens
  • Bacteria or a virus such as HBV, HCV, EBV, HPV, Helicobacter Pylori.
  • Some drugs such as medicines that cause immune deficiency, certain hormones, and specific antineoplastic agents

What are the types of cancer?

Cancer can be divided into four types based on where it began including:

Leukemias: Leukemia is a type of blood cancer that starts when there is a problem with the production of blood cells. It is the most common type of cancer among children whose age is under 15 years. It usually affects the white blood cells or leukocytes. There are four types of leukemia which include acute lymphocytic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and chronic myeloid leukemia.

Carcinomas: Carcinoma is a kind of cancer that begins in the epithelial tissue of the skin, or in the membrane that covers the surface of internal organs such as the kidneys or liver. The most common types of carcinoma cancer include invasive ductal carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and ductal carcinoma in situ.

Lymphomas: Lymphoma is a kind of cancer that starts in white blood cells or lymphocytes. It usually affects children with the age group 15 to 24 years. There are two main types of Lymphomas including the Hodgkin Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas.

Sarcomas: Sarcoma is a type of cancer that begins in the connective tissues of the body. It may develop in muscles, fat, joints, cartilage, blood vessels, nerves, bone, lymph vessels, and tendons.

Is there a cure for Cancer? 

The cure for cancer means eliminating all the traces of cancer cell from the patient’s body permanently. Doctors use the term ‘cured’ when there are no chances of coming back of cancer within five years. However, cancer can return after five years of successful treatment. Hence, it’s never truly cured.

There is currently no real cancer treatment. But the latest advances in medicine and technology help us get closer than ever to cure. Some of the advanced treatment for cancer include immunotherapy, cancer vaccines, T-cell therapy, monoclonal antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, gene therapy, gene editing, virotherapy, hormone therapy, and nanoparticles.

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