{"status":300,"success":true,"article":{"company_name":"Portea Homecare","company_url":"Portea-HomeCare","articleId":1401,"id":1401,"creator_id":51188,"title":"MomStory: Finding Love All Over Again","content":"<\/title><\/head><body><p>When I look back on how my son was born it still brings tears to my eyes. I had contracted diabetes in my third month of pregnancy due to which my baby was born two months, too early. Born in the second week of my 7th month, my baby was severely underweight. Looking at him broke my heart and I found myself sobbing endlessly for hours on end. I felt responsible for his horrible state and felt as though I had failed as a mother.<\/p><p>I craved to be with my baby but wasn’t allowed to. My baby was in the hospital for a month and a half before we could take him home. Until I had ached with want of him, with loneliness. When we brought him home at last, I felt so disconnected with him. Like a month apart had put in place, an incomparable gap between my baby and I. Before time, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression, an allegation I couldn’t deny as I did, everything else. My husband tried but in vain, to help me. Once, my sister visited and grimaced at the sad state of affairs. She told me call home ‘<a href=\"http:\/\/www.portea.com\/our-services\/kanga-and-roo\/\">Kanga and roo care<\/a>‘, right away. I said no to this to, force of habit.<\/p><p>That night my husband logged onto the Portea website and called in the professionals home, the very next day. Not much I could do when I saw the professional at my door. She was so warm and inviting though that I couldn’t help but talk to her and share with her, my issues.<\/p><p>She had planned for us, baby-mummy exercises, massages and skin to skin contact between my baby and I. This unraveled over the next few weeks. Holding my little one in my arms and gazing upon his face, now brought tears to my eyes but these were tears of joy. The feel of his skin against mine set things right in the world. Getting massages alongside my baby filled me with contentedness. The exercises helped me grow closer to my baby.<\/p><p>Soon my baby and I were inseparable, I was in love with my baby, all over again. I recommend Portea’s ‘<a href=\"http:\/\/www.portea.com\/our-services\/kanga-and-roo\/\">Kanga and roo<\/a>‘ service which is heaven sent and brings together two souls that truly belong together, one of the mummy’s and the other of her baby’s.<\/p><p>– Ankita, Bangalore<\/p><p><br><\/p><\/body><\/html>","created_at":"2017-02-09 12:03:07","updated_at":"2018-12-30 19:44:36","topic":"MomStoryPregnancy, Post Pregnancy Care, Diabetics, Exercise, massages , Child Care, ","url":"MomStory-Finding-Love-Al-Over-Again-1401","status":0,"view_count":95,"old_url":"momstory:-finding-love-all-over-again"}}