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Do Bulging Eyes Go Away?

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Bulging eyes, also known as proptosis is a medical condition in which one or both of the eyes protrude from the eye sockets abnormally. This is due to swelling of muscles, or tissues behind the eye (usually because of some other medical condition) which make the cornea protrude forward and exposing it to air. This can lead to excessive drying of eyes and can affect optic nerve and cause vision loss.


Excessive protruding eyes which make it look abnormal.

Constant dryness in the eyes and problems in keeping it lubricated for long time.

Whiteness between top of iris and eyelid.

Pain and redness in the eyes.

Sensitivity to light.

Double vision due to weakening of eye muscles.

Difficulty in moving eyes.

Pain in the socket behind the eye.


Protruding eyes are mostly an outcome of some other disease like:

Graves’ disease or other thyroid complications. (upto half of people with this disease may suffer from bulging eyes).





Other causes like tumor, blood clot, or an eye injury.


The treatment applied will mostly depend on the cause of it. Quitting smoking is advised as smoking worsens the symptoms. If the root cause lies in hyperthyroidism, medications for hypothyroidism are prescribed. In severe cases, surgery is prescribed. Some other forms of medications are:

External lubrication for eyes.

Wearing sunglasses for photosensitivity.

Medications to block antibodies.

Medications to decrease immune response.

Surgical methods include:

Orbital decompression: the eye socket is enlarged making more space for the eyeball and resulting in decreased pressure on the eyeball.

Surgeries to correct abnormal eye muscles can also be done.

Surgeries to protect cornea from external damage are also done.

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