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Disease Prevention in Men

Medikoe Health Expert

Medikoe Health Expert

  Koramangala, bengaluru, karnataka, india, Bengaluru     Feb 9, 2017

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Never avoid the doctor, be it, men or women! Routine visits for screening tests are a must for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, take an active role in your health care and discuss screening tests with your doctor early in life.

To prevent various diseases and their threats, follow a healthy lifestyle.  Remember a healthier life is a healthier you. Here's what you need to know to live a longer, healthier life.

1. Maintain a healthy weight.

Obesity is the cause of many health problems like diabetes, cancer, blood pressure to name a few. Therefore, shed some extra pounds off and lower your risk of such issues.

Obesity is an easily preventable disease. It is possible by monitoring your weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few lifestyle changes to prevent obesity:

How can we prevent it?

  • Avoid junk food: It is essential to avoid eating junk food. Such foods are high in carbohydrates, salt, and sugar. These are excess calories that the body cannot burn with routine activities. These are converted into fat and contribute to weight gain. Hence, it is best to avoid them.
  • Avoid aerated beverages: Aerated beverages contain a high amount of added sugar. High sugar levels are hazardous for the body.
  • Exercise regularly- Make sure you exercise at least for half an hour a day and at least 3 days a week. This will not only help you maintain your weight but also helps in building strength and increases the basal metabolic rate of your body.
  • Add fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet- Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your everyday diet nourishes your body with the essential nutrients. They are also rich in dietary fibers which keep the gut clean and healthy.
  • Keep your colon clean- Did you know a clogged colon can lead to weight gain?  It is essential to keep your colon clean. If you are constipated and have trouble in passing your bowels and you should seek medical help. Eat foods which are high in fiber content and keep yourself well hydrated to have a regular and healthy bowel movement.

2. Stop smoking.

Smoking is injurious to health. Avoid exposure to first-hand or second-hand smoking.

How to effectively quit smoking?

  • Step 1: Make a firm decision to quit. Set a date and time and be adamant about it.
  • Step 2: Be aware of the triggers.
  • Step 3: Learn how to deal with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and find the substitutes for it.
  • Step 4: Fight the cravings with diet, exercise, mind games or yoga. Take help from friends, family and health experts if the cravings are overwhelming.

3. Exercise daily.

All physical activity benefits your health. Exercising regularly can:

  • Manage your weight
  • Lower your risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Lower your risk of certain cancers


If you hate going to the gym, then choose the activities you enjoy, like tennis, swimming, running, basketball or brisk walking.

4. Follow a healthy diet.

Incorporate healthy food like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, high-fiber foods and lean protein sources, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Avoid foods rich in saturated fat and sodium.

5. Say NO to alcohol.

While a lot of people know about the adverse effects of drinking, this knowledge is mostly restricted to hangovers and nausea.

But an increasing number of studies are revealing newer adverse effects of drinking, some of which are quite unsettling.

When reading this, it is important to note that these side-effects won’t happen to everyone. They depend on the frequency and volume of drinking. Some side-effects only occur with excessive drinking, but others can happen when drinking in moderation too.

Moreover, it also depends on your body weight. Usually, people with higher body weight have a higher tolerance for alcohol. At any rate, we advise extreme caution while drinking.

  • Limit your alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol drinking can cause:
  • Various types of cancer (liver cancer being the most common)
  • High Blood Pressure

6. Manage stress.

Stress is not good for your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Therefore, try yoga or any form of meditation to keep yourself away from stress. The most significant health problems related to stress are:

  • Asthma
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • A headache
  • Depression
  • Premature death
  • Aging
  • Gastrointestinal issues

How can you prevent it?

Ways to manage stress are:

  • Yoga: Yoga is a dominant anxiety reliever as well as an approach to ease the manifestations of nervousness. By shifting all the concentration & consideration to the body & the breath, yoga can temper nervousness while likewise discharging physical pressure. The accompanying yoga postures can be practiced as-required to help you reduce stress & nervousness. Make sure to concentrate on your breath as you switch through the postures. Shutting your eyes may likewise enable you to relax & go within to accomplish a meditative state.
  • Meditation: If stress makes you anxious, tense and worried, opt out meditation. Spending a few minutes in meditation will restore you a stress-free mind and inner peace. It is a simple and least expensive way and do not require any specialized equipment and can be practiced by people of any age groups. You can practice it where ever you are. It can be when you are on a walk or while waiting for someone or riding the bus or even it is possible while you are in your business meetings.
  • Physical exercise: Physical activities like running, jogging, aerobics, etc. are very effective stress-reducing activity. It releases the “happy” hormones, the endorphins, which publishes the stress and raises the energy levels,

Talk to your doctor for more information. You can even find one here on Medikoe. Find an experienced and certified healthcare specialist near you on Medikoe answer all your questions.

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